Fox pulls Dollhouse from November schedule

frackin fox!

This surprises you? The show’s pulling abyssmal numbers, even by Friday night network sci-fi standards.

I really think Joss Whedon belongs on cable. Not only would his creative genius be respected but his viewers would be too.

Yeah, I was like “Huh?” when they said the show would return in December during the last preview. A month before we get to the return of Summer Glau. I was joking before, but man [/i]does[/i] she bring misfortune to shows she join?

Armando, I wish the Sci Fi channel could have brought over SCC and Dollhouse, but oh well.

FRAK, FRAK YOU FOX, where am i gonna get my Summer Glau fix now? I have to wait for the Lifetime channel movie?

This is old news. The show comes back in December (along with the rest of their friday lineup), dont see the big whoop.
Anyone notice one of the main sources for this info is from a tweet.
Tweeting: The New Press Release.

And you do realize that when it returns in December it’s for an exclusive engagement in Fox’s Royal Burnoff Theater, right? This show is dead.

Fastcart, Whedon on Sci Fi (sorry, Syfy) seems like an obvious combination, no? Dollhouse without stand alone episodes, maybe? (I would’ve loved to have seen Syfy pick up Virtuality as well. There’s a show that should’ve been made!)

I had a little rant/screaming fit on this before but after that, i just accepted that nine times out of ten the stuff i like gets a short run on TV and then are deemed not high enough earners to continue. Part of me thinks I should get my hate on for FOX yet again taking it away, but truth is i can’t. I mean we all saw this coming from the get go. and its not just big evil FOX its all the networks. I mean with all respect to Dollhouse NBC canned possibly the best show I have seen in a decade just the same. So its the entire system of TV networks who aren’t interested in producing and maintaining genre programming that really interests me because there isn’t enough financial motivation in it for them.

So the long and the short of it… more to the long side than the short. Joss’s shows tend to do average to low in the ratings for network TV, and well to very well in DVD and merchandise sales which tends to offset the lower ratings financially in the end, but for the major networks they tend to need that high ratings for there advertising revenue is there primary source of income. So like others have said Cable probably a better home for him either smaller networks were lower rating would be acceptable for there average numbers and the DVD sales would be a welcome boost. Or possibly HBO/Showtime. where the prestige of a show and its DVD sales are the more important part of the business model.

So yeah i’m angry but more so just tired of the roller coaster. its actually taking away from the enjoyment i get from the shows

All it means is that they get less of my money, its not a boycott or anything its simply, them going after someone else’s money which is there prerogative. It sucks but its there choice. just as its ours to not support them.

But I do feel badly for the cast and crew they put a lot of hard work into it, and I hope they all find something great to move on to.

Given Syfy’s penchant for massively long breaks & pushing back release dates 2-3 times before finally releasing a year after that last of it aired…I’d rather see him on something like TNT, USA or even FX.

There’s also the World Series to consider. Even the massively popular new Glee is off for a while, although they’re coming back by mid-November.

Joss would fit in great on FX, USA, AMC or HBO. But USA is normally really proud of their character based shows so that might be the best place for him. But most of the USA shows also tend to be a little more light hearted than most Joss shows. The quality of shows that AMC is putting out now really would make me happy to see him settle there.

My question is: why has Joss continued to choose the conventional stations and not one of the cable networks? Certainly a network like Fox has more potential viewers and a much larger production and advertising budget but I dont think Joss, and Dollhouse in this case, are benefitting from these resources. They kept the show running despite relatively low first season numbers but shuffled it off into a friday night time slot and gave it a fraction of the budget even cable network shows like Warehouse 13 get/have gotten.

After Firefly got messed with (poorly implemented advertising, inconsistent scheduling, episodes shown without regard to story order, etc.) Joss had plenty of nasty things to say about Fox, but inexplicably went with them again for Dollhouse (he claimed it was because the guard changed and the new suits were supportive - seems a bit naive TBH). Hard to believe he didnt consider going away from the traditional stations (CBS/NBC/ABC/FOX) and toward some of the cable networks with very strong numbers (like FX/USA/TNT); especially since the success of his first 2 shows had a good bit to do with the fledgling networks that they started off on (more support, lowered expectations, less in-network competition).

I was under the impression he went with Fox because they had the best offer in Pilot season. When all is said & done, the bottom line is who offers the cash.

Out of curiosity, what was the show? For me recently, it was Studio 60 (which was great), then Journeyman (which was ok-ish).

I would agree, except that there are more things to consider, especially where television is concerned. Much more to be gained by picking the network that seems to offer the most longevity as opposed to cash on hand. Anyone have Joss’s direct line? Id love to have a chat and ask him directly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eliza Dushku has a development deal with Fox. I don’t know the details of the contract, but I doubt she would have been able to shop the show around to other networks if they have first-look rights.

So you’re saying they used her pre-existing development option with Fox in order to greenlight the show? If thats the case then it makes sense, I assumed that even though it was Eliza’s idea that it was Joss who made it happen.

Why? She has clout of her own.

One wonders why…oh yeah, she’s “dating” Seth MacFarlane…

lucky bastard!

I meant why assume Eliza wasn’t the one who made it happen? She has the means to make it happen herself I think.

Oh, I know. :rolleyes: :wink: