FlashForward 1x21 Persistent Illusion

Thursday, 20 May 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

So, is this the finale?

ETA: What’d I miss? I keed. I keed.

It’s April 29th, 2010 in the show, right?

“April 29th passed anyway,” said my daughter. giggle

I am not sure.

Holy craaap!! Really bad dream. She is soaking wet.

“Today is the day Daddy is gonna die.”

poor Charlie bear.

“Everyone gets cold feet.”

I didn’t. I was sooo young.

Wow! I really like Penny’s (or whutever her name is in this show) nighty.

Not much choice on his death.

Mark, here’s an idea. Take Sulu’s ticket and fly to Hawaii.

I thot all roads lead to Rome…not Death. In the end, all roads lead to Death. Now, I’m sad.

They both need to go.

What’s his next move? I must have missed that part

Fried chicken, finding the Cure.

Ummm, whut?

He wrote it down but I did not read it.

I don’t need a flash forward to see someone’s heart is going to get broken soon.

If he’s not going to Hawaii with her, I am.

“I thot I was gonna die.”

Oh! You gonna die know!! shakes head and hand at him

Um guys. I don’t die until this evening in my office.

Oh wow, I like this reveal! The side story with Jericho really isn’t as much of a side story as we thought.