FlashForward 1x21 Persistent Illusion

OOOOHHH missed some of the show. Family call.

Yeah. I’m on the phone right now.

Police brutality!!

Saw that fight coming a mile away.

So to die in his office he will have to break back in??

Well, in his flashforward the floor was empty and it was late at night. He probably does break-in.

What surprises me is how emotional he’s letting himself just based on what other people claim to have seen in their flash forwards.

Oh wow, TPTB totally Scooby Doo’d us there!

Put the drink down.

So much for that idea!

I totally missed everything. I finally got off the phone. Doesn’t anyone get the hint if you don’t say anything for 15 minutes?

Can someone fill me in on what’s going on so far?

Maybe he will pour the rest out? I know not likely.

He started drinking. He thinks his kid would be better without him.

Yeah. It’s really the bake your noodle moment. Would you have still broke it, Neo?

“I told Zoe.”

Cuz I’m a dope.

I really like this bearded guy, I hope he gets work elsewhere.

I miss Baltar. Where is he?

How would you react to a FlashForward?

I think I’d do the absolute opposite.

Yeah – show destiny who’s really boss!

Ooooooh, so next week is the season/series finale. Thanx ABC.