FlashForward 1x10 A561984

Thursday, 3 December 2009
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Hi anyone out there?

No one to join a chat.

I am here…finally! I was cookin and eating dinner

Wow. We got to see D Gibbons. finally.

why are they showing that movie in english in a chinese airport…

Holy crap this is craczy. Whats with kids being taken as cliff hangers this week

Mother Frakkers! That cliffhanger is until March. First V and now Flash Forward. Is ABC run by the same people that run Sci-Fi?

NLAP takes the fall. I love that they are moving the plot along. Simcoe tells the world he is the cause of so many deaths. He’s the most hated man in the world right now.

March!?! Ugh!

I love when the woman grabs the gun and shoots at Simcoe. I don’t think that could ever happen though. First off, I believe the safety would be on and she’d be taken down before she could release it.

The reveal of the lasers in Somalia were conceived by Simon in 1992 and the pictures are from 1991 was great.

“Who else could have come up with this?”

“No one.”

Pompous arse!

D. Gibbons gotta be from the future.

I can’t shake the feeling…I don’t trust Simcoe.

She wore her wedding dress to his funeral…hmmmm… Psycho!

Benford shoots Noh in the future. I so knew that!!

Ok. Mark has gone off the reservation!

Simcoe making his moves on Olivia…Many-worlds interpretation. Works every time.

“Sooo, you’re gay.”

“Super gay” with penis kryptonite.

Agreed–loved Simon’s face on that one–like “Frakker stole my idea before I had it!”