FlashForward 1x07 The Gift

Thursday, 5 November 2009
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

I love that everyone in the world blacked out on my Birthday. It makes me think that the world had an AWESOME birthday party in my honour

…and it lasted 137 seconds. :slight_smile:

Hands of blue! :eek:

But thats ~258,587,500 Manhours of black out!!

Dr. Corday!!

Professor Riversong! :slight_smile:

WEll i think i wil go downtown and check the time.

It appears that we have now see all the major characters flashbacks!

That was pretty brutal honesty

Wow interesting cover charge

Still, we can’t reconcile Zoey’s vision with Noh’s lack of one.

Unless Zoey’s lying also.

Its been speculated that he was unconscious in his blackout.

I still can never see Lloyd as anything but his character from Coupling

You mean before he blacked out? Or six months from then?

In 6 months time. Or perhaps he is deep undercover thus a death report that may be fake. Or the chick who called him lied

Wait…or are Jericho’s? Are they the enemy

Holy crap this is like the night club in Caprica…only real.

This is kind of a frakked up culture here, although it makes sense in this context.

Hands of blue!!! :eek:

Is that Leboen with Hands of BLue!! Double Scary