Fantasy Sci-fi Voting Round 4 - Save Solai

Solai here, calling you from Central Park. This week your <crackle>

  1. You may vote once a round
  2. You may vote for as many or few characters as you like
  3. Votes will not be public
  4. Poll closes on January 29th

The categories by team will be:

Originality, Entertainment, Teamwork, Thoughtfulness

defined by:

Originality: Is the solution unique and unexpected and cool?
Entertainment: Did the solution make you smile/laugh/fall on the floor?
Teamwork: Did it effectively utilize the entire team?
Thoughtfulness: Was it well planned out, do you believe it will work?

Still need to decide who to vote for, but this problem is a much better fit for my team.

Team EVIL:
Robot: Lore
Scientist: Saruman
Warrior: Darth Vader
Alien: Ba’al

Ba’al looks at his cartouche and finds out that there is a Stargate buried on Rura Pente. My team goes there in a cloaked cargo ship and find that it is buried near the mine. They land the ship and break into the prison and set up a remote self destruct.

Vader uses the Force to make a Klingon guard tell them where Solai is, and they go there, defending themselves along the way. Once they find him, Ba’al keeps him close so that he’s protected from energy weapons by his personal shield. They blow up the cargo ship as a distraction as Lore leads the way to the tunnel nearest the Stargate, using a tricorder to find the right spot, and starts digging.

While Ba’al is keeping Solai within his shield and Lore is digging, Vader fights off Klingon guards. When the Klingons get reinforcements, Saruman drops the ceiling on them to buy time. Once Lore reaches the Stargate, they manually dial it and step through to one of Ba’al’s planets.

Rura Penthe, known throughout the galaxy as the aliens’ graveyard.

This weeks FSL is the funniest ever…unless your Solai. :wink:

GWC Podcast #204-FSL-Full.mp3

Split between Audra and Chuck votes this week.

Team Old School solution #4:

Doraemon, Dr. Slump, Faye Valentine, and Kurama

My team can rock at any kind of escape scenario because of Doraemon and his anywhere door, so you’re in luck Solai!

First, they all get into Faye’s Red Tail and she flies them just outside of orbit (close enough for the Anywhere Door range - which is huge anyway - but far enough so it cannot be tracked by the Klingons) at Rura Penthe. Just for fun, during the flight, Kurama instructs Dr. Slump to build a mock “Solai” robot. Given his skills and limited time, it’s a pretty useless robot that does nothing but flail about and mock people around it. Frankly, it doesn’t even look like Solai, given the team have no idea who or what Solai is. But that doesn’t really matter. Once they’re in close enough range of the planet, Doraemon takes his Anywhere Door (which allows travel to anywhere through the door) out and opens it… to Solai’s cell. Solai is freaked out by the sudden appearance of a pink door in his cell, but catching a glimpse of the uber hot Faye, he quickly walks through the door and into the Red Tail. Dr. Slump and Kurama puts the Solai robot in place of Solai in the cell, where it will forever mock the Klingon guards on their wrinkly foreheads.

They close the Anywhere Door before the guards notice anything, and the Red Tail takes off with Solai safely in the bosom of a disgruntled Faye, who at the same time pickpockets Solai’s wallet. Then they all engage in a bit of karaoke. All is well.

I’m new here but this fantasy Scifi stuff is great! Loved this weeks round. Solay is the shows producer right? The poor guy. I had to use this first post here on the scifi fantasy forum.

First: I voted for Chuck this week because he had the most gentle solution.

Second: Chuck is incorrect that he can’t win. All he would need if I understand these rules correctly is to pull a win this week and next and he’s there.

Team Bob would be Luke Skywalker as my warrior (black suit Luke not whine Luke), Zahn from Farscape as my Doc, Predator as my alien and I’m thinking T1000 for the robot. Lets hope we don’t have another date night or my team is gonna be screwed even with Zahn.

Love the show!

Oh My Gods!! Oh My Gods!! This is terrible! Solai has been captured by Juan zantai-Drew and taken to Uhura Pente!!

I’ve searched everywhere!!
I’ve search all over Uhura!! (IYKWIM!) …

And I’ve searched all over Pente !!! And Solai is no where to be seen!! Oh Noes!!!

So… No more podcasts until we rescue him???:frowning:

For God’s Sake’s somebody save that poor man!!!

I voted Team Audra for Originality because I really liked that she had her crew taken as prisioners into Rura Penthe.

I also voted Team Audra for Entertainment since I couldn’t breathe for most of her solution, yet Sean helped a bunch with that. “Seduced in Wookiee mode.”

For Teamwork, I voted Team Chuck. Yet if this were a points system I’d have to take some away for the Star Trek III / Star Trek V screw-up. But hey, we all make mistakes.

I voted Team Chuck for Thotfullness not because Solai is unscathed but because his solution seem most likely. It started out sketchy, “Master Chief, do the robot” I’m not buying it and I don’t the Klingons would either. Then again, there are some pretty power-blind Klingons out there more than likely working on Rura Penthe.

Yes, Chuck is famous for playing the downtrodden underdog near the endgame and playing the ends against the middle. He’s done it in every board game I’ve ever played him in and it works almost every time. You guys have never seen it in person but I give you…

— Signs Chuck is playing to win —

  1. He quits complaining about the rules
  2. He starts drawing attention to other players progress
  3. He says “it’s not possible for him to come out on top”
  4. He starts taking a reasoned and fair tone of voice

It’s the ultimate strategy and he’s got it down.

This is awesome. I do a similar thing but am still a mere student compared to Prof. Cage. You must play on peoples ego’s and emotions. It is a trademark of all the best villains. Get people invested in your plan and make them think it is their own.

  1. He quits complaining about the rules
    Because you don’t want others paying closer attention when you are about to break them yourself.

  2. He starts drawing attention to other players progress
    I would just like to point out that Sean is winning and if we all band together we can stop him, “and in the process create the opening I need to betray you all”. :smiley:

  3. He says “it’s not possible for him to come out on top”
    How could I possibly win with the pitiful stuff I have, “what you don’t know is I have the rest of the pieces hidden away in my back pocket just waiting to strike”.

  4. He starts taking a reasoned and fair tone of voice
    I must sound level headed to the others, if they knew all that was going through my head is “Mwaahhaahhaahhaahaa” they might not fall for my ruse. :rolleyes:

Keep it up Chuck, the long con will pay off in the end. Even if it doesn’t, if you crush the hopes of just one of your opponents it is worth it. The tears taste delicious when you are the one that caused them. :cool:

I don’t need dirty tricks to win a game, I’ve got pure skill and tactical genius on my side. We should def get a game of Risk going at the meetup. Or Axis and Allies LOL

Finally trying one of these. Anyway Team Tardis:

Robot: Helper (from Venture Brothers)
Scientist: Luna Lovegood (from Harry Potter, who cares if she’s always wrong)
Warrior: Captain Jack Harkness (Who/TW-has many many abilities)
Alien: The Doctor (I think I now have to say 10th incarnation)

The (too easy) solution
Luna and Jack will get arrange to be sent to the prison planet as prisoners. After they arrive, they find Solai then Luna uses the Imperius Curse* so that the 3 of them are exiled to the surface “to die”. Within a few minutes of leaving the exit they will be met by a blanket and hot-cocoa carrying Helper who will guide them to where the Doctor parked the TARDIS.

*Yes, I know it’s an unforgivable. But the HP heroes have been known to use unforgivables if “the cause was just”. And should this fail Jack will just use seduction.

Just play Galactica with the Pegasus expansion. And I’ve found Fantasy Flight’s “Chaos in the Old World” is a great game to say “I’d just like to point out that right now-X is in the lead.”

Risk is the best game to do that on and it is a more sound tactical strategy then kissing the dice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I imagine a game with GWCers taking about 6hrs. :wink:

I played Railroad Tycoon (the board game version) for the first time last Friday, and it took 6 hrs with 6 players because a few of us were learning as we played (I came in last place).

So, yeah. (:

Yeah, I finally have a solution…in Week 4.

Team Albatross:

Alien: The Doctor
Scientist: Dr. Helen Magnus
Warrior: Kara Thrace
Robot: Gigalo Joe (from A.I.)

The Doctor, using his vast knowledge of the universe, finds Rura Penthe and sets the TARDIS down in some quiet, out of the way corner.

The night before the big rescue, Magnus stayed up and invented an airborne virus that will put any carbon-based lifeform to sleep for two-four hours, while also (conviently) inoculating our humanoid heroes from its effects.

She douses Joe is said virus, so as she, Starbuck and Joe go walking through the prison looking for Solai, everyone they pass is getting a dose. However, the virus is slow-acting, with a five minute window for it to take effect.

Our heroes prevail and locate Solai. Unfortunately, he’s being held captive by a gang of prisoners in need of a punching bag. Starbuck gets a bit restless, and picks a fight with one of Solai’s guards.

While Starbuck is drawing their attention, Magnus and Joe sneak in and grab Solai and rush him back to the TARDIS. Starbuck, of course, wants to finish the fight, but just as she’s about to win, the virus kicks in and all the baddies fall asleep.

With a very loud “FRAK,” Starbuck runs back to the TARDIS and our heroes flee while Magnus heals Solai.



Warrior: Darth Maul
Scientist: zorg
Robot: General Grievous
Alien: Grand Admiral Thrawn

Realizing that Solai has been captured and would be of great value to the GWC community Grand Admiral Thrawn gathers his team of deceptively devious and dastardly delinquents along with his remnant fleet and speeds off to the Klingon Empire. He parks most of his fleet on the border of the Klingon empire but does send Grievous and his droid army to start invading the Klingon homeworld Qo’noS where Solai was awaiting Transfer to Rura Penthe.

Knowing that the Klingons would prove to be superior warriors but ultimately be over run by the sheer number of droids Thrawn next dispatches zorg in his role as a weapons dealer displaying the latest and greatest of droid decimating tool of destruction with Darth Maul as his body guard. Upon arrival on Qo’noS zorg ,knowing that the Klingon High Council will respect his bravery, dismisses Maul while he goes in and sells his wares. Upon his dismissal Maul uses a combination of Force Lightning and the Mind Trick finds out where Solai is being held deep which is deep in and underground detention block . Maul heads to the block using his double bladed lightsaber to cut down every bat’leth wielding Klingon in his path.

Meanwhile in the High Council Chamber zorg is letting the council members test out his weapons on “captured” droids when the alarm sounds. Realizing they have been deceived the Klingons turn zorg’s weapons on him, at which time he activates the before unmentioned total weapon Tazer/Acid Bath which simultaneously shock and melt the High Council. Seeing the powers of cunning that zorg commands the guards in the High Council Chamber immediatly swear loyal to zorg. zorg accepts command of the Klingon Army and gives the location and deactivation codes to the Droid Army and also the rendezvous point of Thrawns Armada.

Maul eventually reaches the detention cell block where he easily kills all the guards and opens Solai’s cell. Sneering at Solai for being such a weak soft creature for being captured (let alone so easily…i mean after all he was captured by a Canadian Klingon) he picks up Solai throws him over his shoulder and heads to the shuttle in which he landed in. Sensing in the force that something is amiss and thinking that zorg has been slain he immediately takes off and heads out to the rendezvous point. zorg not wanting to alert Maul or Thrawn orders the Klingon Army to allow Maul to have save passage.

Unknown to zorg however Thrawn anticipated such a deception, using the confusion and turmoil on the planet, has jumped his fleet into a blockade orbit around Qo’noS. Detecting Mauls shuttle leaving the planet he has it scanned, seeing that it only contained two lifeforms Thrawn knows his suspicions are correct and opens a channel to Maul and orders him into the hanger bay to which Maul complies. Not wanting to waste the element of surprise Thrawn orderes his fleet to begin an orbital bombardment of the planet destroying all things on the planet. He knows he will loose Grievous but it is a small cost to destroy zorg and ensure that no one will ever take Solai again for fear of such awesome retribution.

That was great! And very in character for your Team. Canadian Klingon bwah ha ha ha ha!!:slight_smile:


Agreed. (: