Fantasy Sci-fi Voting Round 1 - Meteor

Thank you to everyone for your input. I fundamentally agree that our first start missed the mark. We want to focus on the quality and cleverness of the solutions provided, not the contribution of the individual characters.

So, without further ado here is how we are going to roll:

  1. You may vote once a round
  2. You may vote for as many or few characters as you like
  3. Votes will not be public
  4. Poll closes on January 8th

The categories by team will be:

Originality, Entertainment, Teamwork, Thoughtfulness

defined by:

Originality: Is the solution unique and unexpected and cool?
Entertainment: Did the solution make you smile/laugh/fall on the floor?
Teamwork: Did it effectively utilize the entire team?
Thoughtfulness: Was it well planned out, do you believe it will work?

Begin. Thank you to all for contributing, especially Topgun.

my team would…

Reed Richards builds a repulsor device, based partially on Gorts tech, to hook up to the White Star (Delenns ship). Delenn takes the White Star and uses the repulsor device to nudge the hurtling meteor off enough so that it misses Earth. And Worf screams Quapla…and makes out with Delenn…cuz he’s a Klingon and that’s how he rolls :D:cool:

…earth saved, girl gotten…albeit not nearly as cool as Sean/Audra/Chucks solutions

Where can I read their solutions? So I know how to vote?

There’s no transcript for that, you gotta listen to the cast :slight_smile: Unless someone listens to it and types it out. But that’s a bunch of text…plus there’s the whole Iron Eagle and Buck Rogers “tucking” thing.

[cough] vote team sean [cough]

just for reference.

Scenario: Massive Meteor heading towards “The” planet. Team must save humanity get the girl/guy while doing it to a rocking tune.

Team Sean:

Song: “We’re Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister”


  1. Dr. Jonas Venture Jr. barrows the X1, and rigs it for space flight.
  2. Conan, Liara board the ship and BumbleBee pilots it to the meteor.
  3. Liara uses bionic push power to push the meteor off course.
  4. Confused by the “half your team must survive and get the girl/guy” requirement, Conan kills Dr. Jonas Venture Jr and Liara.

Team Chuck:

Song: “One vision - Queen”


  1. Master Chief boards Anna’s new badass V ship.
  2. Master Chief ejects to the meteor, Anna heads off to some cool bar.
  3. Master Chief “master chiefs it” and destroys the meteor.
  4. Master Chief falls back to the planet on his own.
  5. The rest of the team booze up, and Bender hooks up with Anna over their “kill all human” common interest.
  6. Dr. Brown made a girl just in case no one gets a girl.

Team Audra:

Song: “Tom Sawyer - Rush”


  1. Carter designs a massive amplifier machine.
  2. Data builds the massive amplifier machine with super speed and replicator.
  3. Carter is explaining the situation to Aragorn.
  4. Sy Snootles sings the same song from Empire through the amplifier wit sounds beyond human/dog hearing range.
  5. Meteor disintegrate by Sy Snootles’ music.
  6. Cater hooks up with Aragorn while trying to explain the hardness of the meteor.

ok, what about starting forumer’s solution to scenerio 1?

My team

Song: “Trampled Under Foot - Led Zeppelin”


  1. Kira busts out two old resistance raiders. She takes Cameron on her Raider, and River takes Bennett.
  2. Both raiders fires blasters at the meteor and reveals it is actually a space ship in disguise.
  3. Needing no space suites, Cameron attaches herself to the spaceship’ exterior, and rips open a hatch.
  4. River is immediately ambushed by a crap load of Gorns. Despite being inside a chunky space suit, River still defeats all of them.
  5. River and Cameron fights all the way to bridge. Cameron convinces the Gorn captain to settle things in a fist fight. If she wins, the captain will abandon their mission. And then kicks the gorn captain’s sorry-barb.
  6. Realizing Cameron is an cyborg, the gorn captain refuses to live up to his end of the bargain. Cameron simulates his voice and attempts to trigger the self destruct.
  7. Gorn ship doesn’t have self destruct, Cameron suggests to set off her nuclear power source. But because she can not self destruct either, Bennett comes in to do the job.
  8. Bennett cuts Cameron open and rigs her for the explosion, while doing so professes her love for the sexy cyborg and then refuses to kill off Cameron.
  9. Annoyed, River knocks out Bennett again, pulls Cameron’s chip and set off the timer for the explosion. and makes for the escape pods with Bennett and Cameron’ chip.
  10. Gorn ship explodes, a teary eyed Bennett holding Cameron’s chip in hand, vows to build an endoskelleton herself… preferably in Topher’s image.

Have I mentioned you kick ass? Because you do. That was awesome, thank you. :slight_smile:

I second the Solai sentiment! Well played!

Thank You! That is awesome now I won’t have to wait until Wednesday to find out what their solutions were.:slight_smile:

PS: Space is a vacuum, sound will not travel through it.:stuck_out_tongue: Sorry Audra…

that was resolved by a totally kick ass discussion about the meaning of the word meteor. apparently meteoroid is when it’s in space, meteor is when it is in the atmosphere, and meteorite is when it is on the ground.

things i learn when listening to GWC

Ah… GWC is educational as well as entertaining.:slight_smile:

Here is my teams solution, well technically they are not a team yet. This is how they first meet, well, most of them anyways…

Austin James awoke from his cryogenic slumber to discover a world far different from the one he had known. The Earth was scarred from war and biological devastation; he moved from console to console bringing his old and wounded space station back to life, not unlike his own situation. The irony was not lost on him; he grimaced as he studied the readings he was getting back from his deep space probes. Scans showed that the more recent destruction was caused by space debris plummeting into the atmosphere; it was one of those near passes that had caused the computer to awaken him. Another large object was on its way…

The security detachment at Olympus detected an orbital platform powering up, Briareos and his team loaded them selves onto a shuttle and headed up to see if it belonged to a rival faction. They were surprised to find a scientist from the 20th century aboard an ancient space station which had lay dormant until now. He alerted them to the arriving object, Briareos contacted Olympus and asked for heavy weapons to be brought up and mounted to the station so they could destroy it when it came into range. Austin and Briareos argued about his idea, and about making a scientific observatory into a weapons platform. Austin was hauled away and locked into a room and put under guard, as the weapons were being mounted onto the station Austin distracted himself by studying movement of the object and trying to see where it had come from.

Briareos was shocked when Austin demanded to see him and was informed that the object had been making course corrections, which meant it was no longer just a rock on a ballistic heading, it was a guided weapon. And destroying it was going to be even harder than first thought. Briareos was outraged and demanded to know where it had come from; Austin told him that he would find out, but only if Briareos agreed to remove the weapons once his people were no longer in danger. He agreed. After some probes had been launched they were able to determine it had come from the asteroid belt, and once the probes got closer they discovered a mining facility there. And another asteroid was being rigged up with thrusters, and this one was even larger. It was large enough to create a life ending nuclear winter.

Briareos relayed the information to Olympus, it was determined that the Mars colonists must have set up an illegal mining operation there and were using it as a means to strike at Earth without drawing attention directly to themselves. None of the remaining city states had interplanetary spacecraft anymore after the last war, and Mars must have known this and this is why they were attacking now. Olympus and the other factions were donating shuttles to place into orbit and were being equipped with nuclear missiles. Everyone knew it would probably not be enough but it was all that they had to offer.

Despondent Austin sat in his lab and talked into his recorder, and poured out his feelings on the matter. It broke his heart that Earth had gone through so many tribulations during his slumber, and that now, just as things are coming back around. Children of the Earth were seeking to destroy their home just to secure their imagined freedom from Earth. His heartfelt monologue went on for a long time, and unknown to him the microwave transmitter was also on. Austin’s soulful plea was going into space, and it was heard.

Gomtuu heard the message and was touched by the plea it shook her out of her dark depression; this was just the type person she had longed for ever since her pilot had died so long ago she abandoned her plan of passive suicide and left the orbit of the dying star, she followed the transmission back to its source she must meet this person. Austin heard the soft voice of the alien vessel in his head, after a few moments of conversation Austin realized he was not insane and it was real. Gomtuu appeared beside the space station after Austin warned them about it, Briareos joined Austin aboard the vessel and they raced off to intercept the larger incoming rock and to stop the miner’s attacks.

Once Gomtuu was out of range the weapons opened up on the incoming asteroid, it broke up into smaller pieces and continued coming. The railgun phalanx systems began chewing up the majority of the midsized pieces, missiles intercepted the larger chunks. Particle beams tried to obliterate whatever else came through but it soon became obvious that they could not get it all; the miners must have altered the composition of the rock somehow. It was far more resistant to their weapons than it should have been. A hail of space rocks made their way toward Shinjuku Japan.

Gomtuu locked onto the kilometers wide asteroid and with tractor beams and hurled it on a trajectory for the sun, and then they continued on toward the mining facility. Briareos and Austin tried reasoning with the miners, ok Austin tried reason, and Briareos tried threats. It was a mixed message at best. Gomtuu refused to fire on the compound, she said she would protect the Earth from threats but she refused to take life. While Briareos argued with the ship the miners opened fire, it was of no use the shields protected the ship. Briareos yelled, “Fine, if you won’t fire back then let me out and I will!” Gomtuu obliged, and Briareos make quick work of them and destroyed the facilities. It would be a long time for them recover from the attack and reopen any kind of mining facility again. As they returned to Earh Gomtuu and Austin silently bonded using their telepathic link, Gomtuu felt whole again with a pilot in her seat and another mind joined to hers.

The protective spirits of Shinjuku summoned Karas; they sensed the threat coming from above. He transformed into aerial mode and rose up to meet the threat, energy beam after energy beam slagged the plummeting debris. It seemed that the worst was over until he saw the largest of them all; it was too big to blast. He flew into it and used all of his energies to push it away from the city, he succeeded. But it left him powerless to slow his own descent; he plummeted to his death beside the enormous meteorite. The spirits of the city will need to find another host for their armor; this one has died a noble death.

EDIT: Forgot to list the song (oops) “Holding out for a Hero”.

hansioux, YOU RAWK!!

Um, my team totally won this already. Kirk and Spock stopped an ASTEROID from hitting Amerind in the episode The Paradise Syndrome. Kirk got the girl, kinda. C’mon he always gets the girl!! They blow the thing up with an ancient alien Obelisk. Leeloo and Daneel took the weekend off.

And of course the music would be…


for starters, my apologies, but I have no idea how to type a Scottish accent without feeling like a goof

Performing to the tune “Ride the Wind” from Poison:

Thanks to his access to every extraterrestrial sensing system on the planet, Batman is the first to notice the approaching threat to the planet.
Unable to fly out to meet it, he contacts Mr. Scott to see what he can put together. Currently without access to phasers, photons or a decent deflector dish, Mr. Scott contacts Kosh for a brainstorming session.
“I don’t have even a half a torpedo to throw at the blessed thing, what about one of your ships?”
“A thousand raindrops could cool the heart of a giant” Kosh suggests.
“Of course !” cries Mr. Scott, reaching for the jar full of reprogrammed T-1000.
“Alright laddie, time to earn your keep” he says, pouring the robot out onto a transporter pad.
“Objective?” the robot asks.
“Oh, that’s easy. There’s a wee nasty rock coming towards us, looking to cause some trouble. I’m going to send you up there to work on it a bit”.
Without waiting for a responses, Scotty energizes the transporter and sends the T-1000 on its way.
Pulling a bottle of something green from under his desk, Scotty gets just the barest hint of a sip when his communicator crackles.
“Engineer Scott, T reporting. Two potential issues. I will not be able to cut the rock into small enough pieces to ensure no loss of life from a resulting impact.”
“Aye, and what’s the second issue?”
“What should I do with the female?”
“The what now?” Scotty blinked a few times.
“There is a human female in a space suit on the rock. She is alive, but will certainly not survive any re-entry”
“You don’t say? Your grasp of the obvious is astounding. See here, pin a bit of yourself on to her suit, and I’ll beam her back”.
“Very well. . . . . complete”
“Good work tin man; best get back to work”
Not waiting for a reply, Mr. Scott quickly switched frequencies.
“Kosh, Mr. Ambassador, Suit? You there?”
" . . .here, and everywhere"
“I’ve got a young lass in a spacesuit, do you have a medical area available I could beam her to?”
“Excellent” Scotty energized the transporter, sending a girl he had never seen to an alien that almost no one had ever seen. “Did she arrive, is she ok? For pete’s sake, is she ok?”. Breathing harder than he knew he had any right to, Scotty picked up the mic, bringing it closer to his ear.
“OhmyGod, are you an angel, am I dead, is this heaven?”
Pulling the mic back a bit, Scotty blinked a few times before leaning forward again.
“Kosh, you. . . you. . .You have GOT to stop receiving guests without your suit on, you know what it does to us!”
“. . .Yes”
Before Scotty could think of anything else to say, the communicator crackled.
“Mr Scott, your robot is about to burn up; if you get him out now, I can take care of the rest”
“You can? of course you can, why not, you’re just a blasted man in a fancy suit, sitting in a cave.”
Not bothering to switch channels, he brought the T-1000 home, and pulled up a viewscreen from an orbiting satellite in time to see a host of missiles thundering up from the surface of the planet.
The communicator crackled again.
“You forgot that the cave has a computer able to access all the major defense networks on the planet. They may not be happy about losing those missiles, but at least they’ll be safe. After impact, the remaining pieces will disintegrate before they even hit the ground.
Batman out”
“Why you arrogant . . . . T. get back in yer jar, lad; I’m not going to waste this brandy on you again, that’s for sure”

Weak sauce!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you saying they went all Kirk and Spockey on it? What about creativity and teamwork? Where is my tale of passion and adventure? :frowning:

P.S. I am starting to think we messed up by not putting hansioux on our teams. :cool:

I’m starting to feel bad for Chuck. He’s getting pulverized by Audra and Sean.

Hey Uchicha Daisuke I love your sig!

I did mention Leeloo and Daneel took the weekend off. BTW, Daneel is kickin’ it Data-style fully functional. IYKWIM.

That is where the whole story falls apart. Even in a multiverse with infinite possibilities there is none that exist where Kirk doesn’t get the girl. Your logic does not compute…error…error. :stuck_out_tongue:

Knowing now that Daneel is “fully functional” I regret the “Weak sauce” comment. IYKWIM :smiley:

Thanks!!! I have handed out Gold, Silver and Bronze so that even if you “go Master Chiefy” on something you still get a prize, even if you don’t save the world. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also give tokens for the different category’s and/or honorable mentions. At least Chuck had the best tune. :cool:

I cannot allow the song choice to remain superfluous.
I will give every vote to the best song.
Choose wisely.

In step #4, if Sy had instead sung Tom Sawyer to destroy the meteor that would have been super cool.

Sean’s group needs to work a bit on teamwork, though he does lead on originality.