Eureka 4x19 One Small Step

Monday, 12 September 2011
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

“She can’t be busy.”
“Yes, she can.” :smiley:

“No, because we’re human, and it’s my house.”

I wondered whatever happened to Taggert.

Ground Commander to Major Tom… :slight_smile:

It’s like you’re almost a winner. hehe

Evil Wil Wheaton is still in the game! :stuck_out_tongue:

Poor Andy, facing death on multiple planets.

Well, a planet and a moon, technically.

Unless there are hostile aliens on Titan, he’ll be fine. At least until the humans get there and start putting him in danger. :slight_smile:

“That one’s supposed to be goo.” :smiley:

The Way of the Cow!

I could really do without the creepy crawlies. UGH.

It’s nice to see him back.

I missed the first 5 minutes or so… are there salient points I need to know?

That’s some bat guano, if it can frag cows and jeeps…

Wonder how many of them are thinking about the fact that if this hadn’t happened, they whole Astraeus crew would have gotten stuck on Titan, apparently permanently…

Cow and jeep have melted.

Andy and SARAH have been shacking up.

Carter’s a robo-racist.

I totally explained the history of guano as a fertilizer and natural resource that wars were fought over at dinner last night. Tra la la laa…

Of course they have. It’s Eureka.

Oh, and Jo has no idea if she has a history with this Taggert.

Nice to know I’m not the only one with questionable dinner time conversation. My last night involved my niece & nephew laughing about “big dog balls”