Eureka 3x16 You Don't Know Jack

Join us August 28, 2009 at 8pm CDT.

Oh wow! Are these flashbacks from previous seasons?

On second thot, aren’t flashback episodes not a good sign?

I think thare are going to be a lot of flashbacks this episode/

Usually that mean that the writers wanted to take some time off.

Allison is so pretty. She looks so cute in that dress. She’s pregger’s hot.

Watching shuttle and Eureka at same time.

Is there a shuttle link?

Clip show!


Sonic sterilization. Sounds like the Hedgehog might disagree.

The second is a podcast and chat room.

I thought Fargo would have done something to set off this weeks problem, but it looks like the problem started before he went on line.

Sonic cleaning? Is that like a barion sweep? :rolleyes:

(I’m running a couple minutes behind on DVR.)

Always reminds me of TNG’s ‘Shades of Gray’. Worst. Episode. Ever. I mean I don’t mind for this show since I haven’t seen Seasons 1-3 but it just seems lazy. I like the way LOST does it. BSG did it as well. The catch-up with what’s going on special.

Much Thanks for the link.

I wonder if I could use it for my house?

Baryons are protons and neutrons, heavy subatomic particles. As practically all matter in the universe contains these particles a process which eliminates baryons wouldn’t leave much of the Enterprise behind. We can assume that the baryon sweep refers to a specific number or numbers of these heavy subatomic particles created by the subspace field of warp drive, rather than all of them found on the ship.

Cylon shuttle thing?

Don’t cross the streams!!

There you go, trying to apply science to a fantasy setting.

The joke is that I’m calling TNG a fantasy setting.