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Frak! Premiere is tomorrow! Set your DVRs!

Hey, Solai! Why aren’t you wearing your Dog Tag soldier?

Here’s the link. :slight_smile:

I liked it.

Loved Helo.
Not very Whedon in the dialog… expected some humor.

I thought that there would be some action. I thought that she was gonna go all River Tam on the kiddnappers. We’ll see.

Still gonna watch it.

Loved the blonde Doll at the end of the episode!!!

mmmmm - Tahmoh. That boxing flash back was so tasty…drool

i liked it. Its kinda interesting to see a Joss pilot without lots of fighting. Im sure there will be lots in the future though.

I am definitely going to be watching it. Wouldn’t say I loved this episode though. Willing to give it a chance nonetheless.

will return in 90 seconds? i liked the edward j alomos line!

I liked it
scar doctor was scary

I liked it to, though I felt dropped into the middle of stuff without enough of a set up. Once they got into Echo’s assignment, it was very interesting. Was she taken forcefully or did she volunteer? What did all that between her and the British actress (where have I seen her before?) mean?

I was okay, and it pains me to say this but i’m just a little underwhelmed. It just wasn’t up to what Whedon has done in the past. It wasn’t bad but… Its like Joss has a great interesting show idea and Fox decided to dumb it down.

Still its just the first episode. and I really liked the how well Elisa did, just great acting.

Excited to see how the show moves on from here.

I also was underwhelmed. Josh Whedon has been persona non grata in Hollywoodland, because he has a habit of telling the network one thing and then doing another (like promising Season 5 of Angel would be more stand-alone episodic, with less season-arcing storylines… and then he got cancelled! go figure!) Obviously he’s learned from his mistakes, because I found the first episode to be very un-Whedonesque. The dialogue and direction could have been done by any number of TV hacks. I assume he’s trying to play nice and give an interesting-premise-but-conventional-television effort. I didn’t find the acting all that good either… but then, they can only act what’s written.

Of course, this is only the pilot. Many shows hit their strides later (like Buffy). But I’ll find it terribly ironic if this show lasts for several seasons when Firefly only made it a handful of episodes.

P.S. DawnAZ, the only place I’ve seen Olivia Williams before is in The Sixth Sense, playing Bruce Willis’s wife.

Ooh, yes, I recognized her, too! She’s Jane Fairfax in the version of Emma with Kate Beckinsdale.

Of course, the first few episodes of Buffy weren’t splendiferous, either. I think that Dollhouse is going to take much of its first demi-season to really get going. My only concern is, being on Fox rather than a 2nd tier network like Buffy was, Fox might not give it the time it needs. Sort of like they did (or didn’t, depending on perspective) with Firefly.


I thought the show was watchable, but I was really looking for some Whedon dialog. We’ll see if it comes through in the later episodes.

Olivia Williams-- my favorite movie she’s in is Rushmore, with Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman.

I liked it too… Whedon is starting to suffer from such high expectations from his audience, and only from the first show! Firefly’s pilot wasn’t all that great, but all the episodes, taken in total, give it depth. I was intrigued enough to want to see more. I just hope the rest of the world is patient enough, as well.

watch Rushmore and her entire character will change :rolleyes:

Well, I went to watch this episode last night and noticed that the DVR failed to record it. ARRRRRGH!!! Hopefully it’s up on HULU.

As to how it moves on, though, I’ll venture that it’ll run for 13 episodes and get cancelled by Fox. I really don’t know why Whedon is working with them again after what they did to Firefly and seem to be doing to Dollhouse already.