Doctor Who (2005) and Torchwood

My suggestion is Doctor Who and Torchwood. They are all part of the same world and with four seasons of Doctor Who and two of Torchwood, it gives us a lot of material to sink our teeth into. The shows are fun and it would be a nice break from the constant seriousness of Battlestar.

I am down I love the doctor i haven’t re-watch it in a while, watch some on BBC , Love Torchwood season 2 was awesome.

Thirded! :smiley:

Fourthed! Holy crap, fourthed :stuck_out_tongue:

So 1 week for each season of new Who + 1 week each for 2 seasons of torchwood + 1/2 episode on Sarah Jane adventures takes care of 6.5 weeks of the year until new Battlestar.

Sounds good to me.

I am really liking this idea too! I’d love to do a DOCTOR WHO rewatch. RonMooreHasPrettyHair got me into the new Who and my 8 yr old so loves it too. I think we can do more than an episode per season, though. There are some episodes that deserve more than a passing comment.

Torchwood Season 1 is allready out, Season 2 comes out in September of 2008 here in the US. I think a Torchwood and DW Rewatch (New series as either Lady D or Bkitty said on the After Frak Party Podcast) would be wonderful!

I just started watching Torchwood and I love it!

I’d love to hear some GWC coverage of the Who-verse.

But being that it’s still going on, and we’re going to be seeing our beloved BSG coming to an end soon, perhaps it would be better to save that content until after BSG concludes, and cover something more succinct such as Firefly. But even that only gives us 14 episodes & the movie. Could be rough to stretch that to … how long?.. 6 months… gah!, but yeah… DrW or FF… love 'em both!

Unfortunately, your kids can’t be a part of watching Torchwood. It’s definitely TV-MA. There are a lot of sexual themes and much more blatant violence, not that that’s necessarily bad, but it’s clearly aimed at adults. And, sad to say, Torchwood just isn’t for everyone; the fluid sexuality of pretty much all the characters would probably bother some viewers. I tend to think that most sci-fi viewers are somewhat more open-minded than the average person, but it’s definitely something to think about.

I’m 20, yeah kids shouldn’t be watching Torchwood but I like the show. they can watch doctor who.

Especially since Keara’s kids are pre-teens. Maybe teenagers – even tweens – could handle the show, but it’s definitely not for the little ones.

I would totally be up for this idea. But like some above me said we may want to save this one for post BSG, just because it is still on going.

I started with Torchwood, and then went back to catch up on the most recent incarnation of Who.

But I am definately up for this, whenever they want to do it.

I was the same way. I found Torchwood first and had no idea it had anything to do with Dr. Who at first. I had a bad experience with the PBS Dr. Who as a kid. Not even my Grandmother who was all about the scifi would watch it, which makes me leery even though others have encouraged me to give it a shot. But the NEW Dr. Who, I love that :slight_smile: I would be up for a watch whether we do it before or after BSG ends. Also, one thing to keep in mind, Season Three of Torchwood and Season Five of the Doctor are not going to be full seasons. Forgive me if I get this backwards but I believe the Doctor will get a few movies instead of a season and Torchwood is getting some kind of mini-seres or abbreviated Season Three and neither of them will have a full new season till 2010. So, it might not be a bad idea to pick them up Post-BSG cause we could probably stretch it out till the real start of their new seasons.

Yeah, we’ve had the Torchwood discussion before, you and I. Are you becoming forgetful?

You are getting so old. They don’t call kids in elementary school “pre-teens.” That is the old term for “tweens” and it’s still in use as such. You’re officially no longer hip. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was talking to the internet. It’s not always about you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are they younger than 10? Hence, “pre-teen”. They’re also “pre-adult” and “pre-geriatric”.

That is the old term for “tweens” and it’s still in use as such.

I could have called them what they really are: cheap farm labor. :smiley:

You’re officially no longer hip.

Was I ever?

You know you guys being not all that far from me (OK what 2 hours out the turnpike), we should get together and watch Torchwood, or Who, or BSG.

I have seen every episode of Torchwood, but only Season 1 and the first epi of Season 2 of the New Who.

No you pretty much have it right - Who is getting 2 or 3 movies, Torchwood is 5 episodes that they are talking about running all in one week.

Now the one caveat is that there is a “possibly more” rumor out there for Torchwood.

A friend lent me Torchwood Season 1 awhile ago and … wow … like not for kids, eh? I actually didn’t care much for it. Not because of the adult themes, but because the adult themes were played like a university kid first time away from Mommy and Daddy. It was all sort of “look what I can do”. They toned it down for the second season – much better. Still adult, but not so in your face Circus act.

That might be fun. How far “outside Philly” are you?

I have seen every episode of Torchwood, but only Season 1 and the first epi of Season 2 of the New Who.

Oh, so much more Who for you! :slight_smile:

Up to this point, I’ve been trying to avoid that sort of information. It usually comes along with rumors of casting changes and dramatic shifts in storylines. I guess the UK fans aren’t really spoiler-phobes.

I completely agree. The first few episodes of Torchwood were practically Mardi Gras on Viagra. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but like you said, it was very much “let’s see what we can get away with”. Still, it’s an enjoyable show for the most part, IMO.