Digital/Graphic arts

Not sure if this is geeky enough, but how many Digital and graphic artists do we have here at GWC? Sean, I know you are quite the graphic artist and Id love to see more of your work, and Id love to see the work of anyone else as well. Ive been doing digital art for many years now and I keep an online gallery here

Holy craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. Those are gorgeous iGhost. Are these made for personal or professional purposes? They are exquisite.

Many thanks Solai, these are for my own personal purposes.

Great job The plains of Titan is my new wallpaper

I really enjoyed looking at these, particularly your exploration of future generation shuttles.

Thank you for sharing them with us.



Holy craaap! That’s damn impressive work! What are you using?

Thanks Pike, and thank you all for looking. I mostly used just Bryce and PhotoshopCS for the better part them.

Really cool images there iGhost.

I’ve done some print art for board games.


Oh cool AT, now which parts did you actually do? Are we talking the maps and the cover illustrations and such? What did you use to make them?

For the game “The Campaigns of King David”, I did the artwork for the map, the pieces and the back boxcover art, a different artist did the front box artwork. The game was published this past December by Clash of Arms Games. [ATGreat waves fingers hypnotically while chanting “Buy, Buy, Buy”]

The “No Middle Ground” game, I did the map and counter designs. The company is trying to get enough orders to warrent publishing the game, so until they do, those are staying prototypes until they can pay me. :slight_smile:

I used Adobe Illustrator for a lot of the work. The counters were completely done in Illustrator. The map and box back art were done in Illustrator, I used Photoshop to add textures and special effect and whatever scanned artwork I used, and then brought it back into Illustrator to add the final components and any text.

This is really great work AT! I hope they get that game published so you can get paid for it.

ATG, how do you fall into a gig like that?

Anyone else have anything to share? How about you Sean?

I had gotten Photoshop and Illustrator for a job I was doing and on my own I learned how to use them. A friend of mine has designed historical board games for several years, and because we could work together on a project, he started suggesting that pubishers use my artwork when they publish his games. I also do a lot of networking when I go to the Origins Game Convention every year. It took a few years to get these two clients and I’m glad that I have a day job, because these contracts are few and far between. Many companies already have their own artists, or go for really cheap art, so you need to have your name in the back of their head when things change or people leave.
So like any job, good artwork, meet and bug the right people, and of course, luck. :slight_smile:

Awesome Stuff iGhost :slight_smile:

To answer your question, I do all kinds of things. I love 3D and illustration work but what I love the most is doing composite work that as Chuck likes to say looks “6 feet deep.” The kind of stuff that you really don’t see everything right away, you have to look for a while. Or you just don’t know what to make of it - I love that.

Chuck mentioned in a podcast a while back about a pic I did for him a couple years ago, so I thought I’d show you what he was talking about. It looks better 24”x 36” but you kinda get the idea. I’ll post some more stuff up when I have a bit more time :slight_smile: but hopefully this gives you a glimpse of what I’m talking about. But like I have always said….I have strange taste.

Thanks alot Sean and WOW… that is awesome!!! I would love to see more. That goes for the rest of you as well, more more more!!!:smiley:

To be sure sir -but as I said be prepared, some of my personal collection is odd rather like that one. Peaking in my head is strange indeed :wink:

Sean, that is awesome. Can you link to a larger version? I would like to see more of the detail.

Solai, you’ll just have to come and visit. There’s a 24" x 36" print over my desk that’s a one of a kind. In fact, it’s autographed and numbered “1 of 1.” I’d say that I’m waiting for it to become pricey when the world realizes how incredibly talented Sean is, but truthfully it’s more valuable to remind me of why we work together. Those words aren’t just for appearance after all.