Defying Gravity Re-watch

For the last couple of years I’ve been living in a rural area with less than stellar internet service, which has made it very difficult to participate in the frak parties. So for this reason, I’ve decided to have my own frak parties as my internet service allows.

I’m starting with a re-watch of DEFYING GRAVITY
Aired 2009. 13 episodes (8 aired / 5 unaired)
WARNING: Unresolved cliffhanger

In the near future, eight astronauts from five countries (four women and four men) undertake a mysterious six-year, grand tour of the solar system, an international space mission covering 13 billion kilometres. With the eyes of the world upon them - everything they do is monitored, and every emotion they feel, scrutinized - they soon discover that their real assignment is not at all what they thought. /from IMDB

6 Years
7 Planets
8 Astronauts

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Episode 1 - Pilot

The year is 2042.

Within the first minute - intensity.
Two astronauts get left behind on Mars.

Then 2052

“Best day in my life. Everything is in front of you, and it all looks good.”

This is an interesting timeline.

1- The present with the new crew of the Antares Mission.

2- The 5 years training period prior to this mission.

3- The Mars mission of 10 years earlier.

I really like the narration and the shifting between the 3 timelines.


Episode 1 - Pilot

Oh and then you have the recurring dreams.

I love the discussions about fate, destiny, karma, your life’s journey.

Ooh, the mystery begins. Zoe hears a baby crying on board the Antares???

I really like the look of everything. Bright, sharp, beautiful colors.

(Ah, Cpl Barnes from Stargate Universe is part of Mission Control)

Another mystery: Rollie & Ajay are suddenly having exactly the same cardiac murmurs.

(Rollie is Capt Aaron Kelly from BSG)

Love the music and the way so much emotion is shown without any words.

The moments between Maddux Donner and his father are so painful to watch.

Episode 1 - Pilot

So Donner’s now suddenly going on the mission. He has very little time - in his apt he’s deciding what personal things to take on the 6 yrs trip. A photo and a baseball.

Zoe’s hearing that baby’s crying (no on else can hear it).

Episode 1 - Pilot

Poor Ajay and Rollie have been recalled because of the heart murmurs.

Ajay is having an existential crisis, he’s painted his face, and with a statue of Ganesh he takes a space walk -just to think about things.

Meanwhile, the mission head, Mike Goss ( not a nice person) who is willing to let Ajay die, gets a much deserved punch from Donner.
Donner: “As soon as a I get back, I quit”

Another thing I really love about this series are the simple statements here and there about mankind’s place in the universe.

Donner: “Man belongs in space, because of exactly what he brings into the void.”

Donner talks Ajay back into the Antares.

Some beautiful scenes with Ajay sitting outside orbiting the earth.

The narration style really works for me.
I love this series.

Ok,now the crew is one the way to their stop, Venus.


Episode 2 - Natural Selection

That recurring dream again.
Now we realize that it’s not just Donner’s dream, but that Zoe is also having the same dream.
Another mystery.

Ted Shaw the new mission commander, who replaced Rollie is trying to ease everyone into a routine.

Ajay is such a mensch. He certainly tries to be his best self. I respect Ajay.

Timelime: Training period
Swim test.

Nadia is always awesome. Always number one. No weakness. No doubts. Yah, sure. More to the story there.

We’re getting a lot of vague references like:
“It chose them” Eve Weller
“Why do you think it waited so long to reject us?” Rollie
Eve Weller is crucial to the mission and knows way more than we think.

Eve Weller-Shaw (Eve is also Ted Shaw’s wife)

Eve: “It’s as big a mystery as the day we found it. ASll we can do is fellow its lead.”

What? So many questions.

Zoe: hears the baby crying again.

Training period:
The local astronaut pub -Major Tom’s


Episode 2 - Natural Selection

Back on Antares:
“Astronauts don’t say ‘Oww’”

At Mission Control, Rollie is on the floor, but Ajay is out due to his space walk.

Dr Minitz - one handsome guy !

Ted Shaw talking to Eve:
Ted: “I’m still in shock. It’s a lot to take in in a few days.”
Eve: "Rollie will help you get through it. And you’ll have to help the crew.
Ted: “Why did it do this, Eve? You’re the expert.”

(Ted was briefed prior to leaving earth.)

The plot thickens.

Eve Weller:
“We know so little about Beta, about what it ultimately wants. But apparently, it’s picked you and Donner.”

Who/what is Beta?
What makes Eve Weller the expert?
What does Beta want?
How does it have any power?

Great SciFi stuff !!
Just delicious stuff.

Ted Shaw is so very frustrated.

His wife has always had way more information about the mission.
Now she’s telling him to have faith in Beta. That Beta knows.
This is NOT astronaut country, and Ted and all of the crew are out of their depth.

Eve: “We need to visit Pod 4, honey. It chose you. Maybe it’ll give you answer.”

I’d be so freaked out.

Episode 2 - Natural Selection

Jen Crane,
the mission biologist is Rollie Crane’s wife. They thought they would be spending the next 6 years together on the Antares mission. Now Rollie is back on earth, and Jen is scared of the thought of spending the next 6 years without Rollie. She just beginning to very quietly freak out, wait tip finds out about Beta.

(Wassenfelder) the mission physicist hasn’t a clue why he made the cut.
Nadia to Wass:
(Wass doing calculations) “Couldn’t you do that on earth?”
Wass: “The short answer is yes”
Nadia: “So why do they bother launching your fat ass up here to do it?”
Wass: “You don’t think I ask myself that question every day? I should never have never made it through the program.”

Wass was also chosen.

Mike Goss -
Nobody likes him. Someone you love to hate.

Zoe hearing that baby again, but she isn’t admitting it to anyone.
They’re testing the suit for the Venus surface walk.
Donner, because of the recurring dream tethers Zoe in the airlock, even those there were no plans to open the airlock for the test.

Ted goes to Pod 4.

Oops, the airlock hatch opens and Zoe get blown out into space.
Zoe: “I’m ok, but I feel like a fishing lure.”

Scene back a Major Tom’s bar at the beginning of the training program. Zoe sleeps with Donner. There’s a connection between them beyond the sex, as alluded to when they first saw each other.

Episode 2 - Natural Selection

Wass fails the swimming test, but is not cut from the program.

Zoe’s outside, Donner is suited up in the airlock pulling Zoe back in. Zoe’s suit is leaking. Time is running out.

Zoe (a little loopy): “Do you feel like we’ve been here, Donner? I feel like we’ve been here many, many times before, you and me.”

Very cool space and ship scenes.


Wass comes up with brilliant idea that buys Zoe more time.
Eve Weller: “There’s a reason he’s on this mission.”
Eve to Goss: “I want him passed. Beta wants him.”

Zoe makes it back ok.
(Still loopy says to Donner): “I always knew you’d be here.”

Episode 2 - Natural Selection

Ted Shaw returns to Pod 4 after the interruption.
He’s very wary about what he will find.
He opens the hatch and sees the storm on Mars from his first trip to Mars.
The mission, 10 years earlier, with Goss, the mission commander sitting in the ship, and ordering Ted and Donner, who are in the lander on Mars’ surface, to abandon their 2 fellow astronauts.

Ted is terrified and traumatized.

Episode 3 - Threshold

Ted in Pod 4 has just run out. He’s a mess.
He becomes withdrawn and non-communicative.

Ted and Eve
Ted: “I was on Mars. Does it do this?”
Eve: “Yes, when it’s trying to tell you something.”
Ted: “Has it happened to you?”
Eve: “Yes, just me…and one other person.”
Eve: 'I need you to go back. It chose you, like it chose me."

Ted is having a reaction because Eve didn’t tell him about Beta sooner.
Trust has deeply been damaged between them.