Defiance The Video Game **** SPOILERS ****

So today I finally got the chance to start playing Defiance on XBox. It was sort of funny to because I started the actual game play just before Shooter Jr came home from work. When he saw me playing he asked “Is this Mass Effect? Wow!”

I love the fact that we get to personalize our characters. I had a lot of fun choosing mine. Speaking of which, here she is. Introducing Arkfall Hunter, Honor Deveraux:

As someone who’s almost exclusively played Halo the past two years the controls are still a bit difficult to get used to, but it’s nice to know most things are the same.

One gripe though: The initial game download and patch took up 2-3 hours this afternoon. I have a fairly high bandwidth connection too so that was very painful to go through. And the fact that the patch has to install each time I boot up the game is a pain, too. However, I’m very happy that it all works now.

I’m loving the further backstory to the television show too. I actually feel like I’m behind and need to get caught up, but with that said there is nothing that I’ve noticed so far that’s a deal breaker if you just watch the series or if you haven’t started your game play yet.

I’d be curious to know how game play is on a PS3 or PC if you’ve been playing the game on those platforms.

More to come as I get the time to play more!

~Shooter Out

After three nights of playing short stints I at least have a handle of how the world operates. I’ve never played Mass Effect or Skyrim and I’m told it is sort of similar to both in how the game operates. I’ll check back in when I win my first Arkfall.

So dxf asked for some information about the Defiance Game for non-gamers.

I’m far from an expert, but I have played the game for a couple of weeks now and can tell you a little about it.

The game is split up into 4 parts, Storyline, Side Missions, Arkfalls, and Open Game Play.

Storyline: Honesty, I haven’t made it too far into the storyline yet. But it takes place some time (unknown exactly how much, but I get the feeling it is a matter of months of 1-3 years) before the start of the Defiance TV show. Nolan and Irisa start out with you in the game but then you get separated and start down your own path.

Side Missions: I’ve only done a couple of these and mostly it was for the experience and cash. As I spend more time in the game I’ll probably accomplish more of these. They are very similar to the main storyline but not necessary to the story experience.

Arkfalls: The quickest way to gain experience, cash, free weapons and upgrades is to take part in an Arkfall.

Arkfalls can be simple like the above picture. A central Crystal that you shoot at until it is destroyed and it is protected by nasty stuff like Hellbugs. Everyone that participates is all on one team. You gain money, experience and ammo as you play along and destroy the bad alien things.

There are also bigger Arkfalls like the one shown above. These work the same way but you need a whole lot more firepower to bring it down. But you end up with more cash and experience in the end so it’s worth it to stay alive and just be a part of it.

Open Game Play: So back when I didn’t know any better I accidentally took part in this. It is anything from player vs player challenges to open field combat. If it’s not part of a main storyline mission, Arkfall, or side mission you can take anyone on. This is not really recommended because there is always someone with a bigger gun, better ammo and more experience than you.

Now, you asked what it reveals. This is a bit tricky because I didn’t write any of it down. Mainly as you go from one part of the game to another or you load up the game from start you get these story text boxes as you see below.

So you learn stuff like the Votons actually didn’t think Earth was populated. That a small portion of the Votons who were not in suspended animation tried for decades to work with Earth’s governments to carve out a settlement for the Votons. It seemed to be working for a while but then someone - no one knowns who - blew up the Voton ships causing the terraform technology to rain down on Earth and start the uncontrolled terraforming process that effected the entire planet and everything that lived on Earth.

As I learn more in-game I’ll make sure I post it here in the Game thread. But keep in mind that the game takes place in the San Fransico Bay area while the show takes place in the old St Louis area.

~Shooter Out

2012 E3 Defiance Playthroughs, as described by the game producer Trion




Has anyone played Defiance Co-op yet?

Defiance is on a Memorial weekend sale for all platforms at most retailers. Amazon’s sale varies from 17% to 42% off. PC DVD is cheaper than the PC digital download?!? Last weekend saw a 48 hour 50% off sale via an embedded email URL that took you to a Trion store page.

As mentioned below, for paid and free trial players alike, this is the first Rewind Weekend where you can play the introductory missions that were removed from the game after the television series premiered.


Experience the game for free with a PC trial on Steam, and watch the show from the beginning on Syfy!

May 23, 2013 - Trion Worlds and Syfy today announced a joint promotion for the critically acclaimed TV Show and online game, Defiance™. Fans interested in catching up on the series can do so throughout Memorial Day weekend as the first six episodes will air back-to-back on Monday, May 27th from 4-11pm on Syfy. All six episodes, and a season-to-date feature recap, will be available on Video on Demand (VOD) and for online viewing on throughout the weekend. In conjunction with the television replay, Trion will offer the opportunity for players who have not previously experienced the early TV tie-in game content to jump in-game and play alongside lead characters Nolan and Irisa in the early episodic content.

Gamers who have yet to explore the open world shooter can try it on PC for free on Steam from May 23rd at 10:00am PDT to May 26th at 1:00pm PDT. Steam is also offering a weekend long sale on Defiance for those whose thirst for alien technology and open world action isn’t satisfied by the trial. Both the Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition will be 30% off. In addition, Steam will also be running a sale on “Bits,” the in-game currency for Defiance, during which customers will get more “Bits” for their money.

Other retailers will also be running sales across all platforms during the Memorial Day Weekend.

Note: If players have previously completed the Nolan and Irisa missions, these missions will not be available during this Rewind Weekend.

Defiance is rated M for Mature by the ESRB. For more information on Defiance, please visit

Alright after being able to sit down and put a few quality hours into the game I have to admit it’s starting to grow on me, I’m enjoying the storyline modes and so far I’m LOVING the fact that I don’t have to co-op with people in the game to get anywhere (thank the Gods!), the game control is fairly simple and GTA and Mass Effect like so it picks up pretty easy…I’m actually getting access to some legit weapons so the big blue creatures aren’t insta-death unless I can get a good hiding place…yay!!

Though things I don’t like still…
I was in an Ark Fall last time…I spent a full 45 minutes in it last Friday and I went to all the red marks and I helped kill all the nasties and the big-ass crystals…but I didn’t get a single reward for it…what a jip!! Least they give you your ammo back!!!

the other thing I didn’t like…my inventory fills up WAY too fast!!!

And am I right in assuming that not ALL guns are upgradable and able to stick mods on? Just checking…half my inventory is smothered in unusable mods…I hope to have more time in the near future for this too…I’m getting into it!

OK, I finally took the plunge last night. If you see a n00b Ark Hunter “Hendel Denarius” wandering around, getting lost and Pwned by Mutant-Sgt what’s-his-name, crying in a corner, say Hi.

Will do. I’m Honor Deveraeux but I won’t be on until late Friday night or Saturday at the earliest.

Thanks Shooter - are you playing on your PS3 or X-Box? I have no idea of the platforms interact with each other. I know that with Mass Effect Multiplayer they didn’t.

Xbox. Your Trion account is the same between platforms but you have to have different characters on each platform. Also each platform has its own servers so you cannot play your character against or with characters on other platforms. I do have a PS3 but I cannot have the Defiance game for yet. Although I have been toying with getting one.

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OK, I haven’t been sucked in by an MMO in a long time, so this weekend I tried to make up for it. I think my EGO level is in the mid 200’s, and I’m having a blast running Ark falls and generally blasting things with assault rifles. I’m tempted to restart and grab a castithan though, as I just found out about the DLC that adds them.

Also, I sat down and entered frackin’ 120 Arkfall codes. Arkfall codes are provided by Trion in various emails, as well as being embedded in you-tube videos, game art, reviews… If you’ve linked your account to the Trion web site, then you can enter these codes for in-game goodies. Start hunting…

…or go here to see them all.


The Defiance Wikia page also has them too under My Ego - it’s a direct copy & paste of the content from the prior link, so both should work.

Wait! There’s Castithan players now? I’ve been away too long!

I was wondering where to enter the gamecodes. I thought you’d have to enter them in-game but I guess you enter them in Trion’s website?

Also, good to hear you’re having fun in the game! Unfortuantely I’ve been preoccupied the past 2 weeks so I’ve had little to no time to game. I’m looking forward to getting soem time again this week.

Are you following the storyline at all or are you just doing side quests and emergencies and Arkfalls to gain experience?

Well, that was what this article announcing the DLC made it sound like while I was at work yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I got home and couldn’t find it on PSN, or the web site.

I guess Castithans are coming, I just have no idea when… :mad:

Heya Shooter, go to - I think you’ve already linked your console so once you start getting awards, they should show up in the Trion store accessible from the radial menu. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the extra inventory slots were pretty groovy.

I’ve been doing a mix of stuff. Progressing through the main storyline, doing some of the episodic storylines, but lately I’ve been spending my evenings zipping from Arkfall to Arkfall, and taking part in a couple siege events linked to the Plague. I’m going to try and complete some more of the main storyline tonight I think. Those danged red Arkfall icons keep calling me…

I get the same danged thing…I’m trying to stick to the story missions, but it’s like every 20 feet, it’s “check this vehicle”…“kill those hellbugs”…“oh no’s a 99ers ambush!”…it takes a LOT to ease the itchy trigger finger and the GTA/Red Dead Redemption KILL EVERYTHING thought process!!

It was cool to see an actual Ark Fall on TV this week!

Scott, totally agree. I still have to resist the urge to hop off my runner at every roadblock and kill things.

BTW, what weapons (primary & secondary) are people finding they use most?

So far, I’m going with:

Primary: Assault Rifles (Human, full auto, not VOT. I’m toying with moving over to LMGs)
Secondary: either an SMG or locking Missile Launcher

I’d love to get other people’s thoughts!

I’m pretty much doing the same with the guns…depends on the mission, I’ll use a lil sniper action too if I can…I love sniping :slight_smile:

the problem is if you kill everything in sight you never get ANYWHERE…

It’s like they’re reading my mind…

Great article about the upcoming Defiance DLC from E3 at Massively today.

Highlights include Castithans, the Volge, turrets, multiplayer vehicles, new guns, swords… lots of goodies. Just no word on timeline.

My favourite quote addresses my question about whether I’d have to reroll to get a Castithan:

For those worried about having to make a new character, stop right now because Trion will allow you to simply remake your character as a Castithan. You don’t lose anything in the process either, so for those who originally chose a human or a slightly different human, you have another slightly different human to play!