Defiance the series

Just watched the pilot a few minutes ago, and found it enjoyable. I think the world they have created is rich with possibilities, I do not believe the writers will be starved for ideas or feel constrained. I hope they did not blow their wad on the pilot effects-wise; and I am hoping that it will be a more story and character driven series, rather than an action and effects driven series.

I have no love for MMO’s so I doubt I will dip my toe in that game of theirs, but I would be interested in any feedback from forum members if you have tried it. Did it make you feel more connected to the series? Does it allow you to uncover more background about the world in general?

I’m anti-MMO but I am intrigued by the crossover concept…it is a bold idea…how much MMO is involved in the game, or can you do a lot of stuff on your own? I’m intrigued enough in the series to add it to my DVR queue (which is now PACKED on Monday Night with this Bates Motel and Monday Night Raw)…it has promise …I missed the first five minutes due to a DVR glitch, how do they set the world up? I’m kinda annoyed I missed that too

I’ve been playing the MMO since launch (and the beta) and I feel they’ve done a decent job with connecting the two. Nolan and Irisa both appear in the game at the beginning and there were a couple of missions they had up prior to the premier that went along with the characters story and basically got them to the point they were at in the beginning of the episode. There were a few other things I knew prior to the show airing and some that were just mentioned in passing like the 99ers and Aru Shondu for example. I’m interested to see just how the two will continue to intersect as the series goes on. It does seem that you get a little bit more information from the show than the game but I haven’t finished the main questline in the game yet.

You can play the quests in the MMO on your own but it is difficult to do at times. I haven’t really played the quests with other people yet but occasionally you will be doing a mission at the same time someone else is and it will still count even you aren’t the one who actually completes the mission. The only thing that you almost never do alone is the arkfalls, there are usually upwards of 20 people at a major arkfall which is great because major arkfalls usually have an insanely hard baddie to defeat at the end.

Thanks, this makes me curious. Maybe if there were enough fellow GWCer’s in a close enough timezone to form a clan I might seriously consider joining in. Have some fun and uncover a few Easter Eggs involving the series.

I did not know this was a game before it became a show!

I’m almost halfway thru the pilot and I like it. I like the Farscape vibe. I’ll keep checking in to see what everyone thinks.

We watched it 2 nights in a row (Thx Skffy for re-airing things into the ground) and the hubs and I are withholding final judgement. If it is still amusing us after episode 4, we will continue to watch. Otherwise Monday will become Netflix night.

If you get the chance to catch it again, the first five minutes do a pretty good job of setting up the world and getting a hook in you. I’d be surprised if SyFY doesn’t rerun it over the weekend. First five minutes are worth watching. In fact… here’s first 2 minutes:


I just caught part of it last night of SYFY. I really liked what I saw. It definitely has potential. I found the full pilot episode streaming online here (for now)…

Just click on “episodes”.

Very cool and more helpful, thanks much!!! :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the pilot and have recorded the next episode. My only concern is that we can really have a show based on a single town being in jeopardy every week. There needs to be some movement I think. I agree, the complexities presented thus far are intriguing.

Interesting…Same sort of dilemma that Terra Nova faced maybe?

My only concern is that we can really have a show based on a single town being in jeopardy every week.

To my knowledge, SyFy has actually already had a fairly successful show (five-season run) on their network that met that criterion. I believe it was called Eureka :stuck_out_tongue:

(My dad noticed a Eureka vibe to Defiance after watching the first three eps this weekend; I agree - though Defiance is of course very dark compared to light-hearted. Personally I get quite a bit of Fallout: New Vegas from it, with maybe just a touch of Firefly and a few hints of BSG. Despite being only three episodes in, I’m already appreciating the potential in the relationships between all of the characters; they’ve got quite a bit of complexity to work with there and I’m eager to see where they take all these unique individuals.)

Touche sir. Touche.

I liked Eureka and Terra Nova. Heck I even liked that BBC show Outcasts. I have nothing against it. And I loved, loved, LOVED the Defiance premiere. So much so that I ordered the Xbox game. I want to get back and watch it - life has just been getting in the way.

I really enjoyed the first 2 episodes, the only concern I have is what they are going to do with so many characters. Mainly I hope that it won’t turn into Once Upon A Time, in regards to the rapidly expanding character list and then either doing nothing with them or too much.

Feel the same as you guys did…I’m loving the behind the scenes in-fighting over the mine, and seeing Old St Louis was pretty awesome and showed how devastating the terraforming really was, it felt like a “get back to normal” in the two feel after repelling the big invasion and everyone got back to their petty in town disputes…

and I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Come as you are cover…anyone know who sang that??? It was amazing…liked it better then the original even

I like the fact that even though life in Defiance is far better than being out in the badlands, it is no Utopia. There are still tensions between the cultures, and their different religions. We have only caught a glimpse of the crime and black marketeering going on, and there are obviously various agendas afoot…

Ohhh…lookit me using the you tube to great success…I found it!!


The hubs has given his seal of approval to Defiance. How, you ask? He told me to setup the DVR to record it!

Watched the pilot and have the next few eps of the DVR. Should I bother? Is it just another ‘alien of the week attacking us’ SyFy show?