Defiance Episode 1.12 Everything is Broken *** SPOILERS***

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Nolan and Tommy continue their search for Irisa, who has disappeared. At the voting polls for the election Kenya suggests to Datak that Stahma has been disloyal to him, and Datak threatens his wife when he realizes its true. Earth Republic storms into Doctor Yewll’s clinic. They ask where Irisa is and, during the interrogation, the objects are revealed to be keys to an ancient Votan ship with a weapon capable of wiping out entire species. The ship itself being buried in the mines. Yewll informs them that the keys are both inside Irisa and active. Nolan and Tommy find Irisa with Rynn in the Irathian settlement praying for Sukar’s recovery. Stahma approaches Kenya and offers her a chance to leave Defiance with her, saying that Datak will kill them both, however Kenya remains skeptical. Nolan and Irisa, now aware of the keys and their purpose, are comforting each other as the Earth Republic takes the Spirit Riders captive and force the pair to surrender to them. They take Irisa and leave the rest to be killed, however Nolan disarms his captor and goes after them. Back in town the election results are announced, naming Datak the next Mayor of Defiance, much to Amanda’s sadness. Kenya comforts her sister before going to meet Stahma. Kenya pulls a gun on Stahma knowing that she lied about running away. She tells her that she intends to hold her hostage, using her as leverage to get Datak to leave town for good. Stahma however has poisoned Kenya causing her to fall unconscious and die in her arms. At the mines E-Rep discover that the Keys have fused completely with Irisa’s body and force Yewll to try and remove them. Back in town Datak confronts Colonel Marsh in the mayor’s office, angry that his men moved into the mines without telling him, making him look the fool. He realizes too late that the Earth Republic wants something else in the mine, and Marsh reveals that they have used him. Stahma enters the office and finds that Datak has murdered the Colonel. With the Earth Republic soldiers looking for Marsh, and no way to escape, Datek and Stahma accept their fate as the soldiers find them. At the mine Yewll begins to operate on Irisa as Nolan, Tommy, Rafe and Rynn battle the E-Rep soldiers. Nolan frees Irisa and they fight their way out, however Nolan is shot and killed during the escape. Heartbroken Irisa has a vision of Sukar and descends into the mines where she sees the mysterious girl from her visions, who calls herself Irzu. She says that Irisa can bring Nolan back, but only if she agrees to become her weapon, to which she agrees. Irisa enters the ancient ship and uses its power to bring Nolan back to life, disappearing inside. Nolan awakens and looks for Irisa, who is nowhere to be found. His search comes to an abrupt end when, to his horror, he discovers the Earth Republic army moving into Defiance, declaring that they have assumed control.

Please utilize this thread to discuss the series 12th episode and 1st season finale, “Everything is Broken.”

Well, in the tradition of end-of-season cliffhangers, I guess this is no exception. Personally, I’m still on the fence about this episode. While on the whole I enjoyed it, I’m not sure if it was stronger than the couple of episodes that came before it.

Quick thoughts:

The alien artifact: I’m not sure what I think of the whole Alien artifact / mysticism storyline. So we know the artifact can communicate psychically with the owner (Rafe’s dead son for Quentin, Irzu for Irisa), and I know they’re going to play the nanobot card for Nolan’s recovery, but unlike chocolate & peanut butter, I typically like my fantasy and sci fi separate (OK, the one big exception is Shadowrun). The whole plummeting into the reformed artifact in the gulanite mile thing was a bit much. Sukar did look frackin’ cool without the toque and in the black leather spiky armour.

Datak’s victory: After last week’s episode, this was all but given unless someone did something to change it. I really thought Alak might do the right thing, but I guess not. I don’t think it came as any surprise that the E-REP was waiting to move in, and Datak’s realization that he probably shouldn’t have dealt with the E-REP probably came a bit late. Yeah, and murdering the colonel; probably a bit too impulsive. My money is that we’re looking at Datak’s imprisonment in Season two, and the inevitable “we need to free Datak so we get the Castithans on our side of the resistance”. Which leads me to…

Season Two guesses: I don’t know if you guys had some deja vu, but I got a serious “BSG Season 3” vibe at the end of the episode. With the E-REP moving in, it’s likely set up for an occupation storyline. I think that has a lot of potential, but I personally think it’s too soon. There are a lot of stories to be told in and around Defiance, and moving right into this crisis, while entertaining, takes something away from the setting for me.

My $0.02.

I feel the same…for the sake of the storyline Datak HAD to win, and Kenya did have to die…how that will have effects down the road will be telling…the visual of the E-Rep marching into town was a nice one…I don’t think we needed to see Nolan still alive…but waiting 11 months to find out would have been brutal…

I did have that sense of deja vu…hell I even saw the Raiders flying over the city…heh

maybe this episode needed 90 minutes to be better…

I’m agree that 90 minutes would have given them more time to develop some of the ideas instead of rushing to the end.

I’m on the fence about whether we’ll see Kenya back. On one hand, killing her off solidifies that Stahma is a badass AND it finally sorts out the triangle between Nolan, her and her sister. It also fits with the goodbye speech she gave too. But, since we had Nolan saved, why not Kenya.

Eh. Kenya’s running around a lot for some who’s had her back sliced open twice. But hey…

While it’s admirable to blow up the world as soon as you’ve established it, it feels rushed.

No way Kenya’s not coming back. They did rope me into thinking Nolan was gone for good.

I’d have loved to see them make us wait on knowing about Nolan…until I saw the series doesn’t come back till NEXT June…

and good point, even playing the game the world doesn’t feel new enough (and the Earth Republic is seen as GOOD in the game which is odd…) for me to REALLY go…oh shit…this is bad…it was an awesome visual to see all the troops march in though…

On point 1, yeah. Maybe that’s what’s bugging me about the season finale; it’s too much too soon. As I said, there are a lot of stories to tell and make us care about the characters and the world. Right now, although I really like the world they’ve created and think that it has amazing potential for stories and character development, if they blow it up I’d be “Meh”.

Re point 2, again, yeah. The sentiment on the interwebs if you follow the Defiance twitter feeds has everyone pointing out that Stahma’s last line was “I’ll take care of you”. She may actually care about Kenya, totally agree with DXF - she’ll be back.

…and that’s why I will never, ever forgive Star Trek: Enterprise. I cannot overlook predictably resolved cliffhangers.

“The entire Star Trek universe as we’ve known it is blown up!”

(4 months later)

“No it’s not! Got ya!”

As if.

Now, just out of curiosity, poll: How many of you would have believed Nolan was dead if they saved his revival for next season? I would have.

I’d have leaned towards it…but it would be bad for the show…if it wasn’t for the video game, I’d kinda have this series in hibernation for the next 11 months…ugh…June is too far away…

I don’t think I would have bought it. He’s the face of the show, the series has been doing well in the ratings, and I don’t think they would have wanted to frack with the formula. He’s the face of Defiance at SDCC as well, and he would have had to be coy about what the future held now that his character was “dead”.

I have to admit, that was my immediate reaction too. But I re-watched it a few times and finally took some notes while I was watching it to try to clear my thoughts on the episode. I’m viewing it from the point of view that the producers didn’t know if they were going to get a second season. So they wanted a final story that gave a wrap-up to the series but left the door open to more continued story. It’s a hard line to cross but I think they did okay with it. It definitely sets the stage for a strong season 2.

Of note along those lines: 1) We never actually see Doc Yewll dead - she COULD have escaped out of the back of the medical tent. 2) We never see Kenya dead. It could have just been a drug to put her to sleep and Stahma has her stashed somewhere 3) We don’t know who else Irisa may have revived from the dead. Black Jonah? Colonel Marsh? Sukar? Kenya? Anyone else that was killed? 4) There was no Christie or Quentin in the last few episodes. Their stories and Rafe’s ex-wife could very well play prominently in a season 2. 5) Plus let’s not forget that who knows how the whole Defiance E-Rep invasion will play out

The assumption was that Irzu was religious, but especially what we know from Sukar’s nonobot’s experience perhaps it was all Voton tech nanobots that guided the visions inside of completely taking over an individual. Often times people mistake technology for religion - especially in scifi. So my take on this subject is that the two aren’t necessarily separate. Especially in an environment with Defiance’s Erf.

And BTW - Sukar DID look chuppin’ cool in that outfit.

I love this “out” to Datak being the Mayor. Datak won the election so there is no shame in it. There is also no shame in killing the man who double-crossed him. But he DID side with the E-Rep who came in and took over as soon as they could. So I think it’s safe to say that would change enough votes in such a close election to revert the mayor position back to Amanda. This, of course, is after Defiance takes care of the E-Rep invading force. What fun will we have with that! A true unified Defiance fight against a hostile force again.

Right. This could be anything from an entire season or rest of the series even to just a one and done episode, Eureka style. We’ll see. I’m guessing what ever works best for the game will be what wins out in the end.

Sorry it took me so long to catch up with y’all!

~Shooter Out

As I stated in my reply to Amberite, I don’t think Kenya is 100% dead. Or if she is if she was revived by Irisa or not. Or for that matter if Irisa is dead or not. But either way, that final dialog between Stahma and Kenya was some of the strongest TV I’ve seen in recent memory. Stahma and Kenya were both manipulating each other. They both had plans for each other, Stahma just proved that she is the better one. Or maybe just the more evil one. I suspect IF we see Kenya again she will NOT underestimate Stahma again nor will she ever try to take her on alone again.

I agree that Datak had to win - to avoid the shame of losing if anything else.

And yes, a 90 minute final episode would have drawn out of few things more. Plus we do have a few plots that haven’t been wrapped up yet like Christie and Quentin and the MacCawley’s mother. But then again, wouldn’t most well-written shows be better with a 90 minute episode?

I would argue that the Stahma-Kenya “relationship” was the single strongest aspect to Defiance. The show can’t afford to lose it unless they replace it with something like Yewll vs Stahma or Amanda vs Stahma. Plus I look forward to a much stronger Christie character next season.

Plus, don’t forget if we save Kenya then most likely we save Colonel Marsh and Black Jonah too. But we might get Sukar back!!! Oh, the possibilities.

Do you mean Irisa’s running around a lot for someone who had their back sliced open twice and not Kenya? I’d agree with that but my take on it was that the Voton tech healed her up just like the nanobots did with Sukar earlier in the season.

I’m not sure the world was blown up. It could be a simple and elegant cliff-hanger with an easy out for fans if the series was not renewed for a second season.

I sure HOPE Kenya’s not gone for good. And Nolan? The series could NOT survive without him at this point. There is no one. NO ONE. who could take his place as town lawkeeper.

I don’t know about that. They had to give the fans something to show what Irisa really sacrificed for. Plus if the series was not renewed that would have been a total Farscape/Firefly moment for the fans. Ouch.

Well, Earth WAS blown up to create Erf/Defiance to begin with. Who knows what sort of Voton Terraforming tech was released when Irisa activated the machine in the ruins of the Kaziri. We could get another radically shift and see Erf Mark 2 next season - or perhaps in a future season.

Yup, I agree. We never see Kenya dead. This could definitely be an interesting season 2 with who-was-revived-and-who-was-not.

Which season were you taking about in Enterprise?

And no, I wouldn’t have believed Nolan’s death. The series requires Amanda, Nolan and Datak. Rafe, Kenya, Stahma and Yewll have made themselves irreplaceable. But I’ve been known to be wrong before.

I will definitely be playing the game again once I’m caught up on Continuum and Falling Skies. I love this universe.

Good point about that. You need someone to openly market. Grant is it. Love him.

I’ve replied to several others’ comment so far so I won’t rehash anything I’ve already stated but here are a few things that weren’t discussed so far:

Doc Yewll’s performance was amazing. You could tell that she wanted to actively resist, but if she did she knew that Marsh/Jonah would have killed her the instant that she was no longer useful. So she played along as minimally as she could and eventually paved the way for Irisa to escape. Yewll is amazing. She’s done serious wrong in her life and she is trying to atone for it. As is Nolan and just about everyone else (except maybe Datak). So I appreciate what Yewll pulled off and look forward to more Yewll in season 2. The “Ever hear of knocking” comment was fantastic, especially since she HAD to have known who it was.

The way Nolan admits to everything is amazing. But he handles everyone with grace - even Rynn. And he insisted that he was fired by Amanda. You can’t help but like this guy. Plus, knowing what we know now Nolan is the ONLY reason humans are still alive on Erf. I’ll bet he had no idea what he was stepping into when he rescued Irisa.

The sex appeal in this show is alluring. Stahma is captivated by Datak. Kenya and Stahma have amazing chemistry even while they are trying to kill each other. It’s also mostly kid friendly. It’s neat to see how they pull it off on cable TV.

Marsh is a dick. Anyone with the E-Rep is like a Star Trek Starfleet Admiral. They are all dicks. I see this trend continuing. Even though, as Amberite pointed out, the E-Rep is seen as the good guys in the game.

So the Karizi crash landed on Earth 3,000 years ago? Perhaps that’s why the Votons really came to Earth instead of another planet - to recover the Karizi. They might now have even known humans were advanced and prolific as we were when they arrived in 2013.

Hey, did you note that the I-Rath cult that Nolan rescued Irisa from wanted to USE the weapon on the Karizi. BAD BAD BAD people. So the knowledge wasn’t limited to just one race of Votons. Perhaps we will get more back story to this as the series progresses?

Also, the conversation that Nolan had with Irisa in the field by the I-Rath encampment was important. Nolan stated to Irisa that she is not destined to be the Destroyer or the Devouring Mother but that it is HER decision on what happens. We’ll see more of that as the series progresses.

I’m surprised that there was no automatic vote recount in the election. Apparently everyone trusts the process on Erf and do not have methods to combat corruption. Or maybe no one really cares and they are just trying to survive. Who knows?

I did love the Antartica Postcard reappearing in this episode. I hope we eventually find out what is down there!

That’s about it for my list for now. June 2014 will be a GREAT month!

~Shooter Out