David Eick official Caprica podcast

I was kinda looking forward to a weekly Ron Moore Podcast with Caprica—like he used to do with BSG. But it looks like Executive Producer David Eick is instead taking the podcast repsonsbility. I’ll still enjoy, but I miss the joy of BSG of watching an ep, and than watching it again with the audio off and Ron Moore’s podcast giving me the background and his insights as I watch.

Here’s the link the new Caprica podcast. I hope Ron jumps in from time to time on future podcasts.


do they incorrectly refer to the episode as “reins of a waterfall”? or is this the cast for the next episode? i’m scared to listen now…:frowning:

I don’t know what they meant my "Rains/reins(?) of a Waterfall’ but yeah, this is the correct podcast for ep 1 “Rebirth”.

So I guess scotch, smokes and the seamstress are out then?

Well, at the end of the podcast, David Eick said he was going to get another beer. But that’s about it.
I miss RDM’s “Scotch Report” and “Smoking Lamp Status Check”.:frowning:

But beer doesnt clink. :frowning:
Man, just not the same…

My plan, which I’ve named “The Plan”, is to make sure I always drink scotch whilst listening to the podcast. That should make up for things.

I think Ill find a bum and pay him to be my personal Ron Moore.
All the separates Ron and a Bum is a fine layer of filth from years of street living.

It’s the name of the next episode. David obviously got the names mixed up.

I’m giving this a shot. If the series ends up being any good, any insight into what’s going on will just enhance the experience, and David is certainly in a position to provide insight.

Sweet, I was 2 minutes away from posting on here if anyone knew about a Caprica Podcast.

Around 24:00, Eick says, “Maybe only the dog knows the truth.”

Oh my! :eek:

Yeah, and he’s not saying it like he’s making a joke.
Sounds like the dog is gonna have a plot significance in later episodes.

I’d just like to point out that the smoking lamp & scotch reports developed over time. Ron didn’t have them up at the beginning. I’m sure David will come up with his own little things as the series progresses.

Are these downloadable via iTunes? I tried finding it but couldn’t. Maybe I’m just daft…

the ever-fabulous bkitty tipped me off to this method of subscribing via iTunes

Thanks again, Ms Kitteh!!

Thanks! Lady D and Bkitty are the bomb. I had to slightly modify the link to get it to work for me.

Anything for da fam-fam!

go to Phil’s modified link, right column, bottom category under ‘actions’ to subscribe via itunes, if that’s your pleasure!

I don’t know why, but it’s not searchable in itunes. I had to find my way to it via the syfy page.

dogs always know the truth about robots

i listened to them, i enjoyed them. i think the series is already pretty good. that is if you are not looking for an action series. but since BSG pretty much stopped to be an action series the moment they left New Caprica, I didn’t feel that big of a transition.

It isn’t? I found it by searching for “Caprica” then clicking “podcasts.”