Cosmos 1x06 Travellers' Tales

Thursday, October 15, 2009
10 PM Eastern - 7 PM Pacific

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“Tiny places, with solid surfaces, one of which is a blue and
pretty world, called Earth. Half-covered with clouds, it is the
home planet of travellers that have just learned to sail the sea
of space, to investigate — close-up — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,
and Neptune, its brothers and sisters in the family of the sun.”

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ready for some sagan?

Ready. Have you already started?

yeah, but i’m not far in. i’m at 3:07.

oooh, nasa nerds…the peak of the nerd heirarchy…

Wow, look at those computers. Probably all of them together were less powerful than an iPhone. :eek:

ah, it’s good to be cutting edge…

I wonder if aliens would really understand the message on that record. Maybe they’d grasp that it came from an intelligent species, but would they really get anything else out of it?

maybe not the message itself, but more like, hey, those folks can send stuff into space. they must have some brains down there…maybe its the effort and not the medium?

one great thing about this series so far…i keep being reminded just how big the world used to be.

I do like the optimism of the assumption that aliens that found it would be explorers like the people in NASA, not opportunists looking for slaves or natural resources or gulp food. :eek:

that would be cool, although it would make kind of a boring movie, so i see why the movies never go that route.

Wow, that’s just beautiful. I love the symbolism.

it’s still true too…just unfortunately forgotten. :frowning:

“philosophically inclined individuals” – does he mean the others? I think Locke was more taken in by them then the other way around…:wink:

oh no, astronomy class flashbacks! put those telescopes away before i die of boredom…again.

Wow, this whole bit with Huygens is just stunning. Hard to imagine one person being the first to see so many of these things…

btw, did you use to be ‘ron moore has pretty hair?’

Yes, I was.

‘doughnut of gas’…is that planetary smacktalk?