Cosmos 1x03 Harmony of the Worlds

Friday, October 9, 2009
11 PM Eastern - 8 PM Pacific

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“There are two ways to view the stars: as they
really are, and as we might wish them to be.”

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oops, too early

Apparently, I overscheduled. Some of us were planning to watch SGU when it replays at 11e/8p, which, for some reason, didn’t occur to me when I scheduled this. Any objections to pushing this back to 12e/9p? Or moving it to another night?

Sorry about that. :frowning:

I concur.


OK, I’m seeing a lot of views on this thread, but no other posts.

Are people OK with rescheduling this or should I leave it as is?

ETA: No other posts except from 'talos, that is. :slight_smile:

sigh…dollhouse is at nine…but reschedule if you must…i can drop in at the end

Would tomorrow at 9e/6p work?

sadly, i’ll be at stupid word tomorrow…(someday, i’ll a real job with normal hours)…but i know it’s getting late in other places, so i’ll just miss this one.

Sunday better?

work again. my days off are normally thursday and friday.

Alright I’m here. Badger, we doin’ this tonight?

Pressing Play!

“How we wish them to be?”


The Red spot, a storm raging for over a million years! WHoa

Your call. It’s pretty late, and it looks like it’s just going to be us. :frowning:

Groovy music while Sagan walks through the subway. Except…wait a sec…I recognize it from a porno :eek:

Wouldn’t be the first time.

Yeah, what is all this astrology business?!?

True enough. Time check?

Doctored the records afterward!!

Cynic. That never happens!!