Chuck 5x01 Chuck Versus the Zoom

Friday, 28 October 2011
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Still a bit skeptical about the Morgansect.

Unfortunately didn’t finish Season 4 DVDs in time.

Mark Hamill!

Up to Morgan to save the day? Uh oh.

Morgan broke the vase? Ouch.

Beckman’s back off the opening credits? I’d rather see her there than the BuyMorons

Ethan Phillips? Thought that was him in one of the previews, but bit tough to tell without the Neelix makeup.

Love the short hair on Sarah.

OK, that acronym gag was very GWC.

LOL at Neelix playing Casey.

That sounds a bit big for them, Morgan.


Ellie’s fully in on Carmichael Industries? On the payroll or consult only?

With that focus on the glasses, I bet they’re still important.

Maybe Agent Asshat left the glasses and they have a hidden program on them that will kick in when he wants to and start causing problems.

Where is everyone? Doesn’t look like there are other frak parties going on now.

“Do you actually play any non-video game sports?”

LOL at Casey buying in on Zoom.

Morgan’s sticking with the Michael Carmichael alias? Still agree with Chuck on that being a bit lame.

Don’t win too quick, Morgan.

Did I hear right that Casey’s buddy is a guard for the bad guy? That’ll help.

I don’t get why Chuck doesn’t fire those frakwits now that he’s in charge.

Here comes the “talk”

Like the one Volkoff blew up last season? They really underused the Orion house/base.