Chuck 4x13 Chuck Versus the Push Mix

Monday, 31 January 2011
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Yay, haven’t seen an info flash in a while.

Love Mary rolling her eyes after Volkoff hung up.

“Orion” :eek:

Wait, it’s probably just Chuck or Mary playing mind games.

Though if he shows up at the end of the episode, I think I’ll need new pants.

the man never wear pants again :wink:

Sometimes I wish I didn’t watch previews. All I’m looking forward to is the Chuck and Volkoff confrontation.

I wanna see ORION live. I know i am day dreaming but who knows. Maybe the intersect make Chuck see dead people :slight_smile:

Shit - what did I miss? :smiley:

Jeffster in the delivery room? Oh god no. Please no.

Agreed. Sooooooooo agreed.

Lights started flickering when Volkoff was headed up to his office and something along the lines of “I want my wife back” popped up on his computer screen, followed by “Orion” cascading down the screen.

Volkoff has a nuclear wessel? :wink:

Of all the ways to irrevocably screw up a kid…

Damn. I’m gonna have to watch the beginning after work tomorrow!

I think it’s nucalear.

This can NOT work out well.

No. Clothes. :eek:

“When we get back, we need to have a serious talk about the benefits of tranq guns.” :smiley:

Star Wars episode 4 trash chute deja vu. d:

Don’t call the CIA for a frakking push mix, Devon.