Chuck 4x10 Chuck Versus the Leftovers

Monday, 29 November 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Oh, gawd…

Gotta wonder why they weren’t using guns…

Mom killed them all terminator style though. Wow.

Is she who I think she is?

Everyone has turkey coma still? Weird that I’m by myself.

I just got control of the TV. What’s going on?

Which side is she on this week?

Heh. Saw that coming when he appeared on screen.

Still 50/50…

Dude was James Bond. Of course she’s his lover.

Volkov ordered frost to use assassins to kill Chuck. She killed them during the attampt. Sarah and Chuck brought her to the facility. Volkov penetrated the buymore with several goons/help.

Ellie seems to have solved her father’s puzzle, but the computer is displaying a new riddle and she cant solve it.

He’s a step up Beast I suppose. d:

That’s a good threat…

Looks like a soccer ball.

“That’s how you threaten someone, Charles.” :smiley:

“Kids love me.”

That was worth the whole episode there.

“Call your sister back. Tell her you’re coming to dinner, and you’re bringing some guests.” :eek:

The icing on the cake would have been a Quantum Leap style “Oh boy.”

The puzzle was improving the way the Intersect interacts with the brain, and the new riddle is intended for Chuck. Just a hunch.

Sorry, my back’s been killing me today and I had a heat pad on it for the first half of the episode.

Dalton is not Becket though…

I kinda feel sorry for Dalton in this role. He’s great, but he was a “serious” actor.

Oh my gawd at jingle bell rock in the background.

He’s got to be pantomiming some Bond movie. Probably one he was in.