Chuck 3x16 Chuck Versus the Tooth

Monday, 10 May 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Christopher Lloyd will guest star as a therapist for Chuck.

Yay, Chuck got to shoot Shaw again :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, Doc’s starting to look his age.

I’m here! My friend had to cancel out due to serious back problems, so I get to watch the Monday night arcs.

Nice to see you. It was starting to feel like a Stargate Atlantis Frak Party :stuck_out_tongue:

My usual caveat for live TV frak parties: My TV is downstairs and my computer is upstairs, so my comments may be a bit delayed.

Funny watching you run up and down the stairs. :smiley:

When the Jefster starts talking, the disturbing follows very quickly!

“Duty calls? Call of Duty?” :smiley:

So, bets: Christipher Lloyd character - Evil or Comic relief?
Chucks sister - target or recruit for the ring?

Oh, by the way Starsaber, congrats on becoming an Alpaca Prime!


And on your other post, I’m guessing Evil and target (possibly for the Ring intersect, since the ability to handle Intersect downloads seems hereditary)

So it looks like the ring is going recruit her to find her father.

Wow, that was surprisingly subtle for Casey :stuck_out_tongue:

Morgan is so cute when he thinks he can face off against Cassy.

I love how “Don’t freak out” is a running gag. Right up there with “Chuck, stay in the car.”

So how did that guy get into a CIA facility?

Doc Brown’s in on it.

My guess is the psycho spies are going to help Chuck deal with them.

If that’s the case, it’s intersting on how many non-CIA agents and operatives are in the CIA. :smiley:

Aww, Casey Loves Chuck too… :wink:

OK, either I was wrong about Doc, or he’s playing a longer game.

Well, the psychos tried at least :wink: