Chuck 3x01 Chuck Versus the Pink Slip

Sunday, 10 January 2010
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

I just did a mental squee when I saw this!

Bump in prep for tonight’s broadcast!

Ok people - I’m here! It’s been a while, huh?

Hoo-Ray! Can’t wait!

Go Chuck! Go Chuck!

“I know kung fu!” WEEEEEEEEEE!!!

“Call me Chuckles.”


I’m here. Fighting with XP 64 that I just installed.

OK, that’s a cool flash effect.

There was a little Matrix there.

Yay Chuck is back!! and kickin sorry barb

C’mon Chuck! You’re gonna have to fire that weapon!

Love that he has old Chuck and new Chuck.

Waiting for flash…hehehe

When will spies learn to embrace blue tooth tech

Why would they put how to zipline into the Intersect?


It’s been revealed.


God dang! Why does Bryce’s name ALWAYS hafta come up?

Just because he didn’t listen to orders.

Always happens.