Castle 4x07 "Cops and Robbers"

Here we go… Castle in a bank robbery :frowning:

I loved that moment where he was like, I need you! hehehe

Howser, Quinn, and Huxtable? HI-larious

Uh oh, Beckett doesn’t like being told to back off

Like that’s going to stop her.


And totally. And it looks like they need her

Kate is not a woman of inaction.


“Don’t worry mother, I saw this work on Die Hard.”
Oh dear, Castle.

Doctor House
Doctor Shepherd
Doctor … ?
(no Horrible? too self-referential?)


How does Castle know morse code?

Because he’s awesome.

“Even a layman can spot an uninspired performance”

I feel like Richard Castle is channeling Captain Mal there, talking the fellow hostage down.

“Hey, Castle Jr…” lolz

“Castle Jr.” giggle snort

They’re all she’s got? Sure, her mom’s a flake, but she’s still around right?

Wouldn’t the robber recognize her voice??

I think that may depend on your definition of “around”.

That’s what I was worried about. Surprised Beckett was willing to risk that.

And Beckett is bad ass. Gotta love her.

Hmmm it’s too early in the episode to have killed them. Plus, we didn’t see it from the inside. So… what’s the game?