Castle 4x07 "Cops and Robbers"

“He’s not the only one here, you know.”

Um, Martha, don’t ruin the moment

How could he possibly know that so quickly?

But that’s part of her charm :slight_smile:

Huh, quite a twist

Hm I didn’t see the epileptic guy being the mastermind.

oh so depressing that he’s an abusive bastard

the priest, that’s a good way to do it.

WTF pretend to shoot her? in front of his son? what a bastard

I think you have the perfect partner


Smart move, Alexis.

Kind of glad Alexis woke up, but feel bad for her.

“some of us more than others”

LOL keeping score?

Well, imo, that was an excellent Castle episode. Pulls at heartstrings, an interesting case with a twist, and banter. win!

of course he keeps score!

I agree!!!

cool, cool, cool, this was awesome.

one of the best Castle episode ever. So if Castle wasn’t in the bank, what do you guys think things would go down?

Even up until the end I didn’t believe the bank robbers died.

Do eet! DO EET NOW!!!