Castle 4x05 Eye of the Beholder

Monday, 17 October 2011
10 PM Eastern/Pacific

Wow, Castle. Anemic social life? Beckett a nude model? ooops

“somebody stole the Fist of Capitalism?”

I like that :slight_smile:

The Fist of Capitalism. GACK.

Those spikes remind me of the end of Dead Again.

insurance adjuster?


we’re not being subtle tonight about Castle’s love life, are we?

You know, I like the actress, but they really need to soften the new captain soon before her staff mutinies.

Whole lot of staring, staring while trying not to be seen staring, and glaring. :slight_smile:

this hot?

like a supernova
<3 Castle

Worf as Deanna :smiley:

Worf’s back! hello Michael Dorn.

And now Beckett has to work out why she’s so bothered

Worf’s back!

I like that cutting back and forth.

Also, good question, Michael Dorn-as-therapist
that he won’t wait for you, or that he will?

Serena sure looks like she uses hair gel.

Yeah I was just thinking she might not be what she seems

I think it’s pretty clear that it’s both, but it’s a very good way to point that out.

It’s too early in the episode to have caught the culprit, though…

So is Falco like Dread Pirate Roberts?

Of course the thief would know how the heist got pulled off & would be able to provide details that would look like successful investigation. Also the payoff for the witness was for him to lie rather than to get him to tell the truth.

Of course we’re only half-way through, so it can’t be that simple.

Maybe she hired Falco to steal it, so that she could finally catch him? Like a sting?