Castle 4x01 Rise

Monday, 19 September 2011
10 PM Eastern/Pacific


Me too! And scared…

I love it’s not just Castle who’s freaking out, and that she helps, and damn that’s her bf

it’s Castle so it’s not realistic, so shouldn’t he recuse himself?

whoops by she I meant Lanie

Uh oh…
(also this is so un-Castle like, the medical drama-y feel lol)

Yes, but I guess any doctor is better than just paramedics, even if she’s too involved to be clear headed.

But drawing out the tension is very Castle-esque.

oh yes., and having her not actually be dead.

oh Castle… so cute. with flowers.

snort…checking his hair…

I knew the boyfriend would be in there. meh.

and she doesn’t remember!? oh dear.

She is lying to him, and she will not be calling him any time soon. So sad.

I wonder… but still! agh.

and who was that guy?

and here we are, 3 months later… and no Beckett-Castle contact, and a new captain… oooh!

She looks very fragile…and thin - look at those shoulder blades.

oooh Beckett and the Captain… interesting.

“I want… my gun.”

love her :slight_smile:

well that’s one way to reconnect.

and it looks like it’s not just with Castle though, if she didn’t talk to Lanie either…