Castle 3x17 Countdown

Monday, 28 February 2011
10 PM Eastern/Pacific

Es que Rick y Kate se congelan y no encuentran la bomba sucia

Creo que hablas del capitulo de la semana pasada… ya veremos que pasa con ellos :slight_smile:

I sincerely hope that this episode makes up for the lackluster first half…

flails Starting!

“The following takes place between–”

Oh wait, wrong show.

I like the look of the inside of the freezer compartment

Dammit Beckett, you should know to use your foot not your shoulder.

At least people would hear them banging their poor shoulders against the container.

Alexis is smart, being suspicious about where her father is.

Though I like Ryan’s move to be like, hey so this racial profiling isn’t working, at the same time, we’ve had lots of US citizens trying to commit acts of terrorism in the US over the past few years

Ryan and Esposito are cute, trying to find Castle and Beckett (and good on Alexis for calling)

you’re going to feel really bad about this later, Montgomery.


kate, no!

WAUGH. I know how it turns out sort of but still, my heart. :frowning:

Wait what did Beckett say? Spouse was talking at me and I missed it :frowning:

and the mysterious Josh appears…

Basically they set it up so Beckett basically said “I l–” and then nothing else.

And here comes the TV medicine where they nearly die and et they’re fine within ten minutes.

“moderate case of hypothermia”

should they be losing limbs?

(awwww Ryan and Esposito!)

that was a nice piece of banter. too bad crazy federal ruins himself

Oh please, DHS douchenugget. Take your sarcasm and shove it; they know a lot more than you did twenty minutes ago.

Ten hours? Pfft. Jack Bauer can do it in less than that.