caprica final thoughts (Canadian Spoilers!!!)

Well i just finished the last episodes from my DVR and i have to say considering what they had to wrap up they did well, it sets up where they wanted to go. i see how compressed it was but hey they did what they could did with limited time and it was supremely badass when

[spoiler]the Cylons landed in the stadium and started to take out the nut jobs. i kind was hearing iron man in my head while they played the scene[/spoiler]

anyhow i see it as the best of bad sitch. what about the rest of you?

and who knows maybe if blood a chrome starts up we might get some webisodes related to the time between.

I have not yet watched the finale ep. but i have seen everything except that one.
so far my overall opinion of this series remains the same…
had they STARTED where this season finished, they would have fared better.

we could have flashed back to the ‘creation’…

But… that said… I did like this show and am sad to see it go…

spartacylon: blood, sand and Chrome will be given a fair shot, but they aren’t making it easy with the crappy cop-out of a title.

some great spin offs may not have made it with bad titles… LIKE

Happy days:2 girls and bottling factory
Happy days:Alien in the future

All in the family:Movin’ to the east side

MASH: old trapper in a new hospital.


I guess it’s true that it ain’t over til the fat lady (or in this instance, gentleman) sings.

I thought the last five episodes of this season was especially strong (kind of like the last few episodes of season ‘1.0’ was), and it had been amazing.


  • at least they had time to include the final montage that kind of helped close the series, although watching it just makes me think how awesome season 2 would have been, and I can’t freaking believe that’s the last we’d be seeing of that show. SIGH.

  • Most notably for Lacy and her Geminon peeps. It was pretty awesome to see Lacy be the Mother (“I really think you should kneel” was great), but it only makes me wonder how Lacy will obviously be a huge part of what happens in BSG (since she remained at STO). And we still don’t really have any clue why she’s a cylon whisperer (though that was such a great scene, I don’t care).

  • I was thinking the whole time the Adamas were lying about Willie’s death to the Quattro just so they had an excuse to kill him, but holy crap, was I completely taken by surprise that it turns out Willie did die, and why? Willie’s not Bill Adama!! Which actually makes more sense for me, because Willie annoyed me this whole time and I was like, “That’s going to be ossim Adama? No way!” But anyway, very nice psych there, show.

  • Ultimately though, as much as I’ve grown to really enjoy the Adamas on the show, I’m not sure if they entirely had as strong a connection to the themes of Caprica than the other characters - at least not in this season. It would have been one thing if we saw a stronger bond between Daniel and Joseph, but I don’t think that really happened all that much other than in the beginning of the season where Joseph was a whiny mess. (To compare, I think I enjoyed the one scene between Sam and Daniel much more than most of the scenes with Joseph and Daniel.) And given the new Quattro, I am most intrigued as to whether they’ll continually work with Daniel for the Grace program.

  • After the second to last episode where Zoebot came alive to defend her parents - “That’s right, Clarice, it’s me!”, it’s still awesome to see her destroy Heaven and turn it into a fiery Hell. In heels, no less. And of course, seeing her rise up from the goo was a holy crap moment even though it was expected. Though I think I came out of the series understanding even less about ZoeAvatar than before. On the one hand, she appears to not know a lot of things in the last few episodes, but then when she gets down to dealing with Clarice and the fake heaven, she’s all “I’M God!” and totally means it. I guess delving into the psyche of Zoe would require many seasons though.

  • I also wasn’t sure what to make of the part in the montage where Zoe appears to be sitting in church listening to Clarice given everything that’s happened between them. I get that even after everything, Zoe might still believe in her religion, but you’d think that with a best friend who’s the freaking Mother (and controls the rest of the STO with her peeps) of said religion, they couldn’t team up to get rid of Clarice who they don’t trust and who killed all these people, so they could make STO the way they want to. But given ZoeAvatar’s passionate speech about why heaven doesn’t work because people will live without morals, I guess I can’t quite connect that Zoe with the Zoe we see smiling at Clarice in the church.

  • I think the part of the montage with Clarice maybe skipped too many steps, just because I’m not sure how she’s able to remain in power after her project heaven debacle. But I did like how quickly Clarice adapts herself to preach to the Cylons and get them all riled up about destroying their creators just to remain in power or whatever - definitely shades of Baltar there.

  • Patton Oswalt! Glad they squeezed him in for a final appearance. And the montage with all the dog walking, construction workers, etc cyclons while Daniel VOs that they’re nothing more than tools to humans was pretty disturbing and fasincating at the same time.

  • Pretty spooky to hear Clarice’s husband (forgot his name) say “So say we all!” right before he blows himself, the cylons pursuing him, and a small part of the arena up.

  • I have to admit, I don’t remember who that tech guy who Daniel gets to help him is at all. Who is he? :smiley: Guess I have to rewatch the episodes to find out.

  • Cyrus sacrificing himself for Daniel is great, and while we’ve seen indications that Cyrus is loyal to Daniel, I don’t know if I buy entirely that Cyrus would do that. Maybe I needed a earlier scene where they’re obviously very good friends too, or something.

  • I think it’s sad that SyFy stopped airing the show just when we get to see a whole lot of kickass cylon action. I remember some of the complaints about the show earlier on had to do with the lack of action, cylons, spaceships, etc, and seeing how the season progressed, I don’t think that would have been a complaint anymore. Which makes me wonder a whole lot whether Caprica would have survived had the season aired the whole way through in one run instead of being spliced and pushed around the schedule (or at the end, not even aired til next year) for no good reason at all. And that makes me angry at SyFy again.

  • this is an entirely random observation, but during the scene where Daniel was at the computer at the arena trying to get the cylons to work, there’s this moment where he brushed his hair back and I thought, Eric Stolz has really great hair. I don’t know why I never noticed it before, but he’s kind of a babe. :smiley:

Anyway, that’s just some of the thoughts that popped into my head while watching the last episode. The final five episodes are really quite fantastic, and really fascinating as well. There’s so much to discuss, and I’m going to miss all of it. I can’t believe it’s over.

Great post coco, i agree, i thought the finale was brilliant, and am really happy the show went out on a high note. i want to respond with more but im swamped atm, … more to come.

Watched the finale episode last night. Though I’m sad the show was canceled, I was satisfied with the end. The ending montage was breathtaking, rewarding and wrapped things up in a way that I can’t feel disspointed about.

Well done, Caprica. I’ll miss you.

I have now seen the finale ep.

The one thing i find really hard to believe…
[spoiler] is that Clarice lives… sorry, i just don’t buy it. [/spoiler]

And i was really hoping beyond hope, that during that finale montage, we would see…
[spoiler] Lacey, in a battle on Geminon, wounded and dying, give the order to a cylon…“Kill them all” … meaning, the STO and not realizing what the order would ultimately do. [/spoiler]

over all, i think this series is a good one. and has a rightful place in the BSG universe.

You guys are forgetting…resurrection tech came from the Final Five, not the colonies…

“Why? How do you know Zoe didn’t invent the thing?” /Scotty

Psst. Cody. That’s a Star Trek reference from a movie made before you were born. Please see here:


Anyway, the way I see it. It’s kinda like inventing the wheel. Someone’s gonna figure it out. Resurrection tech was probably on Kobol, Erf, the colonies, and someday on Earth…:eek:

LOL! A lot of stuff you guys like was made before I was born. :stuck_out_tongue: And I’ve heard the line on the cast a dozen times.


I wonder if this would have gotten a second season? :smiley:

Saw the finale - gotta say I reallly liked it. Really sorry it got cancelled…had some real potential at the end. Still have wondering what happened to all of hem as time went on?

rewatch it with commentary. you’ll get some ideas about where they were planning to take the story. and then you’ll cry and curse Syfy all over again

yeah - you hit the nail on the head there. LOTS of missed oppotunity…S2 would’ve been awesome methinks

frakkin Syfy

I agree with you. I was expecting that we would have been left hanging a lot more, but the ending montage pretty much wrapped the series in a passable manner. Was mostly wanting to see what Mother Lacy’s plan was after the mutiny on Gemenon. Regarding to why Lacy could commend the U-87’s, I believe that they all had a subprogram by AvatarZoe to follow Lacy’s orders.

Dunno if TPTB knew beforehand of the cancellation to include this last montage.

#GFYsyfy…So Say We All!

One of the things the final ep commentary stated was [spoiler] that Zoe would in some way have dealings with at least one of the final 5 in season 2! Gods that would have been pretty neat. [/spoiler]

How are you watching the final episodes? DVD? Did I miss something?

They boughts it.

Wait, do the Amazon versions of the episodes have commentary on them? Or are the commentaries available elsewhere?

I believe that they are only on the DVDs and not released as Podcasts like for the first 10 episodes.

Actually the Final five assited the cylons with resurrection and showed them how to perfect the technology.

I would have liked to see the point where the cylons became self aware and Sentient