Caprica Ep 12 (spoilers)

So, Zoe has a head-Zoe?

Looks like God or Gods or He or whatever it wants to be called is finally making an appearance.:smiley:

I was wondering how they were going to reveal the One True God or any Head characters. We know from BSG, they are not a hallucination. They are real and interact with the real world, on some level. I thot they were going to make us wait until much further along. They didn’t disappoint and revealed it early on.

It’s interesting the juxtapose with Clarice and Zoe. Here we see Zoe, at a very young age, interacting with the agents of the One True God. OTOH, Clarice, when confronted by one of her family members, dismisses her with, “Because it is what God wants.” Clarice reminds me of Kai Winn and her using the Prophets whenever it suited her needs.

Taking the comparison between Willow and Kai Ratchet further, they both seem to be people who truly believe in their faith but have yet to have a religious experience of some sort. And to make up for that fact, either to convince others or themselves, they take a real fanatical view of their faith.

So far Im really enjoying the second half of the season. The first half was all about the technobabble creation of the cylons. The second seems to be gearing up to explain more about where the cylons religion comes from.

this show took a hard dive last night. I just don’t buy the head Zoey character at all. the entire reason that premise was so interesting in BSG was the mystery behind it. theres no mystery there now,its already been explained.

I also must say, Torresani just isn’t doing a good job. shes not interesting,or believable. we’ve wasted far,far too many episodes in New Cap City and nothing happens there. we knew the that the reason people go is to explore their worst desires. we knew that in the pilot, they made it obvious,so why the need to explain it again?

theres no chemistry between the characters because most scenes have them alone. Im growing very tired of the shot of one character sitting and thinking,or working on something in their lap. they did it with Zoey in the last episode, and they do it with Daniel in every episode. its just a waste of time. its supposed to be showing the emotion of the characters,but really, it doesn’t serve any purpose and most of the characters on this show are not interesting enough to warrant it. the repeated scenes with Lacy laying starring at the water bottle just seemed like nothing but filler to me.

Im kind of at a loss for words to describe just how lame the scene with Daniel and Zoey was. he just leaves his 13 year old daughter in his lab to fool around with his stuff? that doesn’t even seem plausible.

Watching Amandas chracter stumble around doing nothing for 3 episodes isn’t fun either. why did they even have her get the gun? another tease, theres only so many times you can tease someone before they just stop believing in anything you show. every time theres a scene where something major is happening or about to happen, I have to pause and remind myself that this show doesn’t have any of the guts BSG had, and won’t make the bold moves to make things interesting,because,well,they never do.

at this point,im not even sure I care what Zoeys grand plan was. because if its like any of her other ideas, it’ll just be stupid teen drama.

oh yeah,I almost forgot, they killed off the best character in the show. the one time they showed some true guts,they used it wrong. the last thing we need on this show is fewer interesting characters.

I didn’t like last week’s episode, but this one was more interesting (and sets up a lot of shit to go down, which is great), if not perfect.

For some reason I didn’t think about the Head characters in BSG when watching this episode, but thought much more about Athena/Boomer/other no. 8s (and the Sixes and I guess all the non final five cylon characters in general) in that carbon copies aren’t the same person, much like Avatar Zoe vs. real Zoe, even though they are essentially the same person with all the same memories and experience (but only up to the point of a person’s life when the avatar is made). It’s time for the deadwalkers to finally own their existence (even if it’s just on VR) and start living as their own person (like Athena?), regardless of who they were ‘copied’ from. If Avatar Zoe end up on a different agenda than real Zoe (kind of like a precursor to Athena ending up with a different agenda than the other 8s and the other cylons), than I think that would be a great direction to go. Of course, we don’t really know what real Zoe’s agenda is exactly (and neither does Avatar Zoe) - we only know that she was pretty into the religion but was wary enough of Clarice since she hid the program from her (and maybe that’s why Zoe wanted to go to Geminon so badly, so she can bypass Clarice).

I actually thought this episode is leading us away from New Cap City, by Zoe convincing Tamara she doesn’t need to exist purely as entertainment (in New Cap City), and they have a ‘higher purpose’ (which we don’t really know what yet), so I’m happy about this development (and look forward to more Tamara away from DJing at a gladiator ring).

I do think the Tamara/Zoe showdown was less interesting than the show thought, the fight scenes went on a bit too long (though maybe it’s because I’m a heterosexual girl. :D), but at least they’ve moved forward with that story, and I’m curious to see where Tamara and Zoe’s excellent adventure will go.

I think Vergis forcing Daniel to kill him (and now is a part of the dodgy crowd) was a very good scene, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to like how Daniel’s story develops though my earlier complaints about the Adamas still exist. OK, so they’re a bit higher up than ‘lackeys’, but all they are is just muscle, and that’s kind of a bore. Not to mention I still don’t buy the development/transformation of Joseph’s character from last season’s grieving dad who made a lot of stupid choices to cool smooth gang dude. The Adamas remain the most problematic in the show.

As for Amanda Graystone, I wasn’t too enamored with her story, but I think her being a mole at Clarice’s house is a good direction to go (or at least better than watching her sullk around at the cabin). Though, why is she texting on a cell phone like us barbarians - what happened to the cool folded paper PDA things?

And Lacey, I was wondering why she didn’t just slowly try and make an escape route for herself (like in Shawshank) instead of stupidly screaming for help (and bringing attention to the plank she removed). But she is a child, and she just saw her only friend left killed not too long ago, so I guess it’s understandable. I think her and the Adamas are the only ones who didn’t get a good setup - I have no idea where their stories are going to go.

I apologize that I don’t have time to go into detail, but I’m basically having the complete opposite reaction from sabixx with regards to Caprica’s most recent episode. I love the turn it is taking in terms of dealing with the religious aspects more openly (as opposed to simply showing us the STO and the way people who aren’t STO deal with them). I felt like with this episode I really got hooked on Caprica :slight_smile:

I know I come off as harsh,but the reason is because this show should and could be SO good. theres many scenes I loved, the Scene where Daniel tries to convince Vergis to live was amazing,but at the same time,it hurts the plot imo.

they could always bring people back,I understand, because of the V-world but,I really don’t like the direction this is going. its just too late in the show for it to still be all set up.

I guess a large part of the problem is that I know the show isn’t likely to be renewed,but they didn’t know that when they made it. so, its setting up long-term plots that cant be resolved, where as I would rather they get to the interesting stuff before they run out of time.

I thought this most recent episode was very strong. I loved the Head Zoe concept. I also liked that they finally are going to move on from the sleazy New Cap City scenes into something more interesting. Tamara is very angry that she has died, and even angrier that she is now stuck in V-world. But will she come to grips with the fact that she is not original Tamara? I think her plot line has a lot of potential to become very compelling. I would like to see more of Joseph Adama, and his struggle of losing his wife and daughter. Seems strange that he has completely given up trying to see Tamara again.

Amanda is confusing to me. As is Lacey. I think they are the weakest characters right now.

Clarice is brilliant.

Is the show perfect? No. Does it make me nostalgic for BSG? Totally. It’s not quite the same, but I love seeing bits and pieces of the old BSG peek through. And I can’t say enough about the wonderful music. Bear McCreary’s stuff is fantastic.

I just watched the episode and I liked it overall. The Daniel/Vergis scene was interesting though kinda predictable. I mean, when he picked up that knife at the end (the second time) didn’t we all know somebody was gonna get stuck?! I liked the Vergis character and kinda sad to see this nemesis gone. I guess it’s onward with the Daniel vs Halatha storyline. I second the complaint about the Adamas. I hope they end up more than just thugs. Didn’t we learn in BSG that Joseph Adama wasn’t just an average lawyer, but more of a big name attorney?

I too grow weary of the V-world stuff, but much of that might have to do with the fact I find teenage crap (especially teenage girl antics) to be so boring. Kill off Lacey, Tamara and keep Zoe because she’s actually the only interesting one in the bunch.

Head Zoe? Did they set this up in another episode that I missed? It came out of nowhere, as if we should be used to it, and I was kind of confused for a moment.

I have mixed feelings about this episode. Head Zoe? really? While I understand introducing a Head Character, I was put off by it as well. Why am I watching the show? I want to know why the cylons believe in one god. How they were created and why there was a war in the first place. What happened? etc…

Ok, so if Zoe sees a Head Zoe, who is God, or an angel etc… And then the writers create the cylons who all believe in one god, etc… I can go with that it, no problem. What about Clarice and “the one true god” terror plot line? What purpose does that storyline serve now? Head Zoe just showin’ up is a problem for me.

It took me a minute to sort it out but as I sat there watching I muttered “Finally, some damn head people to spice it up.”

I was on the fence for a while but Caprica is getting good. They may have to do a Manga-esque time-skip but I’d really like to see the evolution of young Adama to joining the military and the beginnings of the cylon revolt. I don’t think they can run the show for 10 years to hit that point organically so they’re going to have to skip somehow.

I just don’t buy the head Zoey character at all. the entire reason that premise was so interesting in BSG was the mystery behind it. theres no mystery there now,its already been explained.

You are assuming that this head character is the same thing as Head Six and Head Baltar. It might not be.

Gotta go with the commenter on io9 who said:

I kept mashing up the cleanup up scene with Pulp Fiction. “Did you see the sign out front that says dead Tauron storage?”

Caprican mother fraker! Do you speak it!?

You guys all get so technical with this show. I just watch to see people die and Zoe & Lacy & the other girl in sexy outfits.

That’s what I was thinking. I interpreted it as Avatar Zoe more reliving her memories of Real Zoe (and coming to terms that while Avatar Zoe is an almost exact copy of Real Zoe, they aren’t the same person, which leaves Avatar Zoe to do what she thinks is right) than really speaking to a Head character. With Baltar and Six, their head characters were not of themselves but of each other, and gave them info that they’d otherwise won’t know (which is still a mystery as to how).

I don’t know why, but this show brings out the worst in me.

[i]"Think of something bigger.

And what would I create?

Life’s a good start I think."[/i]

I have a problem if that suggests head Zoe planted the idea in Zoe to create a sentient robot, instead of just finishing her Dad’s brain-less robot design. Because…

“We refuse to accept responsibility for anything that we’ve done. Like we did with the Cylons. We decided to play god, create life. When that life turned against us, we comforted ourselves in the knowledge that it really wasn’t our fault, not really. You cannot play god then wash your hands of the things that you’ve created. Sooner of later, the day comes when you can’t hide from the things that you’ve done anymore.”

It really wouldn’t be their fault. God coerced Zoe to play god and create life. Wouldn’t that be divine entrapment? Or put another way:

A guy breaks into Victor Von Frankenstein’s home. He drags in many large crates, pulls out a gun, and points it at Victor’s head. “Over here you will find body parts. Assemble a body from the parts. Immerse the body in these chemicals I have provided for you in order to make it come alive. If you do not do this, I will shoot you.” So everything bad, tragic, and awful that happens to Frankenstein after creating “his” monster is not really his fault anymore, not really.

I hope the writers know what they are doing by introducing head Zoe in this way.

I let my six year old daughter use my computer. And I always say in so many words, “don’t change my settings.” She doesn’t now, but she used to. :slight_smile:

I suppose in the pilot about 42 minutes in.

“There is a right and there is a wrong, but only through the one true God can we know the difference. And Zoe knew. Because Zoe knew God, and God touched her heart, and gave her the ability to create… life itself.” - Lacy to Daniel in the V-club before Daniel meets Zoe-A.

I never would have guessed that would later mean she’s being visited by a head character all along.

I see what you’re saying, but while the Head character might be a representative of some “god” I think we should throw out, or at least suspend, the notion that this “god” is beneficent like our idea of divinity. I think the force(s) behind the head characters, Starbuck’s resurrection, and coincidences is powerful, has a more encompassing viewpoint of the universe, but is not necessarily more “good”.
It might be a lot of things, but it doesn’t seem to fit the idea of the “One True God” or the polytheists’ gods. It’s something different. And that’s kind of comforting.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the humans need to throw out their idea of a divine parent, and learn that they’re dealing with more of an annoying older brother who doesn’t play by any rules but his own.

The One True God in Caprica isn’t the God of our Bible, for sure. If anything, it’s probably more realistically an amalgam of the Greek-like gods everybody else worships: gods who are petty, who biccer, who are jealous, who are angry, who are more or less the worst parts of humanity. So a god represented by a character who now is only out for herself, immune to death, and seemingly driven by violence (though she continually refuses to admit the fact)? That I’ll buy. On a side-note, I’d love to see one of these “deathwalkers” decapitated. How they going to heal that? Would they have to put the head back on first? These are the kinds of important questions that come up when you start using swords, people!

And really, I want to see the raising of Bill Adama. I’m rewatching BSG for shiggles (yay netflix), and I keep wondering to myself, “Man, this guy must have had an interesting life.” I started watching Caprica hoping to see that life, but here we are with Graystones and Willows with maybe a glimpse of an Adama.

I’m all for the killing off of Vergis. The power struggle stuff was starting to get worn, and I’m perfectly happy with Daniel as a tool of the Tauron mafia. And boy oh boy do I agree that getting Amanda Graystone out of the cabin is good. These characters need to come together, interact, and frakk each others’ plans up! I guess mostly what I’m trying to say is:

a personal computer isn’t remotely comparable to a science lab. no sane person would let a little girl play around in a science lab for hours and hours on end.

We have no idea how that computer is setup.

IMO, it’s probably a mainframe configured with ample memory and resources to allow several sessions, etc. Daniel could have setup a portion for Zoe to use on her own. That being said, Zoe is a genius and more than capable of hacking Dad’s workspace.