Caprica Canned

Caprica’s officially canceled, apparently. Looks like whatever they’ve finished is all we’re going to get. Think the big break in the middle of the season was what broke the show’s back. Or maybe it was the audience hoping for space opera and getting slow drama.

Thanks for the info JollyAndy. Sorry to hear it was cancelled, but as you say it is a "slow drama’ at best. Too bad, I had high hopes for something way more interesting. Never quite made it there.

(I still really miss BSG)

No doubt we’ll be left with a huge cliff-hanger.

This really sux. I’m so sad. I have no words right now to express how I’m feeling.


The very least that SyFy could do is continue to show them and not hold off on the Final Five episodes until next frakkin spring. Stupid bastages!



SyFy sucks so hard. Why the hell are they postponing the last 5 eps? What good does that do? Frakkers.

Well crap. Are they even going to show the rest of season 1.5? I feel like they didn’t even give the show a chance.

I’m disappointed in SyFy.

Did you say “Final Five” ?
Sounds familiar.


That cheered me up.

Just when you think Syfy cant do anything more stupid…they prove everyone wrong.

what the FRAK?!?!?!?!

Bummer. That said, I like to think I made an effort with the show. And the last couple episodes, most of the stories, I found myself wondering what the point is.

Harked it from the article: “These final five episodes of the season will be re-scheduled to air at a to be announced time in the first quarter of 2011, and will conclude the run of the series.”


Look on the bright side: extra night of wrestling! :smiley:

For those who want the Final Five episodes, you will only have to wait until 12/21 according to The Digital Bits:

Meanwhile, Universal has announced Caprica: Season 1.5 for DVD release on 12/21 (no word yet on a full season Blu-ray, but I’d be stunned if there wasn’t one coming)

I’m really bummed about this news. I know I’m probably in a minority on this, but I honestly felt it was the best thing currently on TV right now— most thot provoking, most inovative, best acted, most groundbreaking.

I’m sad about this, I really am.

I really can’t blame SyFy here. In the TV market (let’s face it, any market), it’s all about the numbers and the numbers weren’t there. Obviously, the show did not capture the BSG fanbase. The cubits did not cover the cost of the production. It’s sad, really. In the end, it’s a business.

It’s cheaper to put two sweaty folks in a ring with pyrotechnics than CGI Cylons, V-world, etc.

At times like this, when a show is cancelled, I just want the writers’ notes. What was on the white board? Where were they going? What could have been? Hopefully, Mr. Eick and crew will give some parting statements or even place that info in the DVD pack. Probably not, but it would be nice.

I’m always gonna wonder if maybe Caprica would have found its audience on a different network. It was a show for grown ups with grown up ideas.
There’s definitely an audience for shows that have no clear protagonist or a despicable protagonist: Sopranos, Mad Men, Deadwood, Weeds, Breaking Bad — all awesome and all (?) award winning shows.
I dunno. I guess we’ll never know.

UGH! does pretty well for me right now

So… they now do quarter seasons instead of half? What are they going to put on instead, another wrestling show, or another episode of the paranormal stuff that I personally have no interest in watching (and will refrain from calling crap because perhaps some people like that)

I agree with you on this. Caprica was the only “thinking” show that I watch live (I love Castle and Big Bang Theory but they don’t make you think). I guess I’ll go back to watching The Good Wife live, but at least for my tastes Caprica is the best thing on TV right now.

That said, as someone who loved the BSG finale and remembers the vitriol with which others responded to teh God in their Science Fiction, I’m not surprised “the fanbase” wasn’t interested. But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t interested!

I think one of the comments over on the original announcement said something to the effect that no matter what we tell ourselves a lot of science fiction fans want the same light entertainment that some people look down upon in other subgenres. While I don’t like that it implies that other genres are somehow “less than”, I do think that assuming that one style will be liked because it’s on another world is perhaps not a safe assumption. And the people who like the thinking shows would perhaps be turned off of watching Caprica, since there are robots on another planet.

It actually kind of feels like the way most people I know reacted when I told them my favorite show is BSG. They couldn’t get past the “genre! space! robots! stupid!” gut reaction to see the ideas. Sigh.

I feel like I need to put last night’s Caprica episode on loop on Hulu, just because.

when it became the clarice show they kind of lost me, she just ain’t no Baltar…

anyway, this isn’t as sad as when TSCC got canned… in BSG i feel like every season they just want to throw everything out there. For Caprica it feels like they were afraid to run out of ideas.

I only watched a couple episodes, but I think they’re probably pushing it out because of Sweeps, then the holidays.