Canada's SPACE channel airing Caprica on schedule

SPACE says no thank you to Syfy’s rescheduling. Canadians will see the final episodes on time as originally scheduled. (And naughty internet boys and girls hours later)

“Great news! SPACE will air final episodes of #Caprica, starting tonight at 10E/P!” - SPACEchannel

SPACE is great. They did the same thing with the series ‘Defying Gravity’. ABC wouldn’t even air those final episodes after the show was cancelled but SPACE did.

That’s it. I’m moving to Canada!!

Um, Juan? Do you have some room at yo place?

It wasn’t unknown to have a home made season DVD before the retail Defying Gravity season DVD was available.

Three cheers for Canadian network executives. I bet they drive modest cars too. :slight_smile:

Yaaay! Come to the dark side, I mean cold side, or wet side really.

SPACE has always left me with mixed feelings. A lot of their production values have historically been not-so-hot on the stuff they’ve produced. They’ve made up for this with a lot of heart though. One great example of this that has always stuck with me is when they used Richard Dean Anderson in between SG-1 takes, and after hours, to do the bits between awards for their annual SPACEy awards. Cheap, but hilarious.

Now for some SciFi cred, check out some of the stuff shot in our neck of the great white north:

List includes SG (SG-1, Atlantis & U), BSG & Caprica, X-Files, Supernatural, Andromeda, Dark Angel, Sliders, Fringe (Season 2), and V. :slight_smile:

cough, cough other means cough, cough

Frak Party 11/3 @ 9 PM ET :stuck_out_tongue:

Um, for those of us who don’t know about these cough “other” cough means, how would we go about finding out about them? :o

To quote Chuck, this is the closest thing to an official policy that we have here:

In other words, IGNORE ME!!! :rolleyes:

The first rule of Other Means…

Yikes, I’m so sorry! I did not realize I was committing a GWC faux pas. My apologies.

I’m so mad about Caprica being cancelled, that I don’t want to give SyFy the satisfaction of watching it in January. I’ll buy the DVD when it comes out though.

Massive Twitter campaign tonight to tweet #SaveCaprica during the show’s timeslot from 10-11PM Eastern.

Tweet storm peaked at 11:10, call it around 160 tweets per second until better statistics are available.

Several Canadians tweeted while watching the show. Blowback sounds like the most insane episode yet. Clarice is a naughty, naughty polygamist. (As if she hasn’t been murderous enough the last few episodes) :slight_smile:

I love space almost as much as I hate Syfy.

It’s like we have (Canada) the better channel for once. Almost all the time I select the channel something I want to watch is playing, Caprica, supernatural, Stargate (all of them), star trek and those wonderful scifi B movies, don’t get me wrong they are pretty terrible but funny none the less.