Battlestar Galactica

Netflix typically hit or miss. Battlestar Galactica, on episode one NOW (10 min in…liking it) and I heard someone mention Caprica in this episode, then I realized that I have heard that name before, lo and behold there is a show called Caprica (on Netflix)!! Google told me it is a prequel… Should I watch Caprica first?? PS I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS FORUM BUSINESS!:confused:

IMHO you don’t need to watch Caprica first. If anything you’d be best to watch all of the BSG episodes and then some of Caprica will probably make more sense.

Not sure what IMHO means. Thanks a ton!!:slight_smile:

In My Humble Opinion.
In My Holy Opinion. :slight_smile:

Ahem. “Humble” will suffice… :wink:

I always thought it was “in my honest opinion”…heh :stuck_out_tongue:

So are you still watching??? What did you think?? :slight_smile:

I got my GF into it when we started dating…her reactions to it have been hilarious…I’ll stick to the mini-series to not ruin anything (I hope)…when the Boomer reveal happened she looked at me and went “Aw CRAP”…she was hooked :smiley:

This show is Amazeballs! I hope I don’t spoil this for anyone, but are you kidding me–an entire nation falls in the first episode!! Pshhh, how could anyone not want to watch this! IMHonestO, I think God and his Holy opinion would agree lol. PS I’m a bit cheesy (just a heads up)… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. Yes it is.

So amazeballs that 3 gurus decided to create a podcast about it that created the community we have today.

Amazeballs indeed…

So say we all :wink:

So I am watching Battlestar Galactica INTENTLY! I mean I have been watching this show for maybe a little over a week, and I am now on season 3! when I am not sleeping or working, I am watching this show… I have never wanted to watch a TV show this much. I have been told I am reclusing (not a word but I thought it was funny)… If I tried to make a summary on what has happened in season one and two alone, I would technically be writing a novel! I adore this show, but I will say, one of the perspectives that you are (I guess) supposed to sympathies with is the cylons but I have no sympathy what so ever for the cylons that includes Sharon, I take that back, ESPECIALLY Sharon, I don’t like any version of her, and I don’t like Helo either!..Team Humans! :slight_smile:

But…Helo is awesome.
(and the actor is slowing taking over everything right now)

I did HATE the Helo/Sharon arc in Season 1 the first time around…just never connected with it…but with how it mattered through the entire series, it grew on me for re-watches

you are selling yourself short if you don’t appreciate the Cylon POV and how the black and white gets VERY grey by the end…

It happens…


AHHH don’t ruin it! Helo just has this need to object to everything, ill admit there are times where there should be someone saying hey get your head out of your pie, but he’s just knaggy to me. why do you think he’s awesome?

I just don’t feel sympathy when I know that they were the reason for genocide in numbers that cant even be imagined… Not even enough to consider them a city’s worth of people, survived. They have this obsession with wanting to be human, but they tried to destroy them all?.. I don’t understand a reason to want to sympathize with them, but I am more than willing to hear why anyone would.

Omgosh, that’s so funny!!! I have seen that show on Netflix, I definitely need to watch it! EJO has such a cool voice!

I never sympathized with them throughout the entire series but I was able to see things from their perspective, eventually.

  1. That Portlandia episode. Well really, Portlandia in general pokes fun at my people. And I love it.

  2. Jess, I did something similar when I first started watching BSG… I couldn’t stop! It’s addictively good! Which is why I am always surprised when otherwise lovely people can’t/don’t get into it… I think they just must not get it. :cool:

I don’t know how much you know about Galactic Watercooler, but it was founded as Galactica Watercooler. It primarily covered BSG every week… even during the agonizing wait between seasons. I forget where the older ones are offhand, but here’s some…

The conversation was always better than good. In fact, Rolling Stone called Galactica Watercooler “The NPR of BSG.” That’s how I discovered the site/podcast.

Its more of a broader and deeper view as things from beyond the series (and Caprica was going to get into …gggrrr)…as the Cylons became sentient and more aware, the more they deserved rights and equality…and that’s when the shtako hit the fan so to speak…and you’ll see more in Season 4 who the REAL driving force was behind it all and even at the point you’re at how the 6’s and 8’s tried to get some type of co-existence, kinda hard after dropping humanity from a few billion to a handful of ships though…