Babylon 5: 5x11 Phoenix Rising - 5/22 @ 10PM ET

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010
10 PM Eastern - 7 PM Pacific
3 AM (SUN) UK/Ireland
4 AM (SUN) Germany
11 AM (SUN) Seoul
1 PM (SUN] Melbourne

“Every race to develop telepaths has had to find some way to control them, through laws, religion, drugs, or extermination. We may not be pretty, but we’re a hell of a lot better than the alternatives.”

wassup - Im early

Howdy-do, Operator!

The end of this episode really messed me up. But we’ll talk about that later.

whats crackin Talos!!

I was so happy to see Bester show up and get rid of this lame plot line.


still a sorrybarb tho

again…how is threatening other races with exposing their secrets and then sayin g"we’re not gonna eat and you cant make us" get … sympathy…a GOOD idea?

I thot this was gonna go a totally different way. I didn’t expect Bester to hunt them down. I wondered if he had a hand in Byron’s plan. I was wrong.

I’m here. Loooong day, but good.

Bester is right. He’s a major (sorryBarb) but he is really competent at his job.

“…and our way alwqays works…”


There is a little bit of Gandhi in that, non violent rebellion. Byron is trying to reveal the Corps as monsters. But his followers are not helping that cause.

what up ATG?

Actually, I think he is worried about mundanes protecting Byron. He’d never admit it though.

I guess my question is more along the side of … we’re gonna threaten you … oh waitdonthurtuswe’restarving…

Because of crappy scheduling, I haven’t been able do a frak party for the last week. But here now.

Bester, what a great character.

I literally cheered during this scene.

sorry Michael…

this really sucks

“You won’t shoot.”

My cheers turned to tears.

Because Bester outmaneuvered Garibaldi? :rolleyes: