Babylon 5: 4x22 The Deconstruction of Falling Stars - 3/27 @ 11PM ET

Saturday, March 27th, 2010
11 PM Eastern - 8 PM Pacific
4 AM (WED) UK/Ireland
5 AM (WED) Germany
12 PM (WED) Seoul
2 PM (WED) Melbourne

“Faith and reason are the shoes on your feet. You can travel further with both than you can with just one.”

I love the concept used in this episode. My imagination goes wild with all the history portrayed.

I think of this as “Series Finale II”

ummm—if they want to keep the marriage a secret—why is “Just married” on the side of the ship…

Pink and blue balloons? Is there a baby already? :eek:

Yeah. I know what you mean.

Garibaldi back on B5 like everything is ok. Wow! How fast things change on Babylon 5.

“Perhaps it is everything you say.”


“In 100 years, it won’t even matter.”

Yeah. That’s what you think.

I like Londo’s take on marriage. You can never be sure if he’s completely serious.

Such a strange interface for [spoiler]a million years[/spoiler]

Just ask Sarah Connor’s roommate about that. :eek:

Given his people, I’d say he’s telling the truth.

when I first saw this ep…and the video skipped…I was like “WTF is wrongwith my TV???”

Yeah. Me too.

Damn it! My computer’s VHS player must be on the fritz! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Times They Are A-Changing

Awwww look at baby John Sheridan and funky 70s horse-riding Sheridan.


That’s just an unfortunate name. :slight_smile:


I think JMS is being tongue-in-cheek here.

Se-lah…ummm isnt that a Vulcan Teddy Bear?