Anime/Manga Section Discussion

Ok. I’m not saying there should be an Evangelion sub-forum. Evangelion was over-hyped anyway. The movies seem better, however I digress. But, how about a devoted section where otaku like myself can discuss Naruto, Bleach, Gundam, Bubblegum Crisis, anything by Studio Ghibli, etc.?

Yes, I found the Geek Hobbies, Other Science Fiction, and Off-Topic/Other sub-forums. Yet, it’s hard to find specific titles there. Wouldn’t it be better to gather these titles in one place especially in light of James Cameron’s Battle Angel plus Voltron coming out, and other anime/manga to movie adaptations over the years (Transformers being a big one)?

I wouldn’t mind seeing an Anime section since a lot of my scifi tastes tends to run into mecha and the like.

I’m down for this also. One sure way to get this done is continue to make threads for the content you love and wish to discuss. Also posting in the threads already created will help show the need for there own home. We have also done a lot of Anime Frak parties in the past, which are all in their own sub-forum in the Community Frak Party forum, so you could see some of our discussions there. If more people want to join in (and/or we find a better time) we could do more Anime Frak Parties. Is there something that you guys have been wanting to frak? IYKWIM :wink:

Fourthed! :slight_smile:

Wow, this is getting more replies and interest quicker than I anticipated. TBH, my main genres are mecha and sci fi, but I’ll watch most anything that’s has a good plot.

The problem with choosing titles (that I foresee) for a Frak Party (will I get use to that?) is licensing. Since these forums are public without registration, the powers that could get in trouble if we start throwing various means of getting anime around. However, the GWC hosts mention Netflix a lot, therefore that may be a viable resource. I’ve never used them, so I don’t know how complete their anime catalog is.

Although, I would suggest a Frak (sigh) of some Miyazaki movies. Spirited Away, Nausicaa, and Princess Mononoke would be a good start. Laputa as well to satisfy a sci fi requirement. Those should be on Netflix since Disney distributes them in the US (and hopefully other countries). Also, one needn’t be a hard core otaku to participate and enjoy them.

P.S. Wow, a moderator showed interest. ^^

Edit: I just checked and Spirited Away, Nausicaa, and Princess Mononoke are all available on Netflix. Laputa is available as Castle in the Sky.

2nd Edit: Ghost in the Shell TV series is also available at Netflix. But, I do not know how well that series will go over with non-otaku GWCers.

You may be surprised how many people own these already. There are many legit ways to get many Anime titles. Netflix has a whole category for Anime just like Comedy or SciFi so they are one of the best (not to mention the instant viewing). I am not sure it is the same everywhere but the local libraries (Salt Lake City) have a very good selection of Anime and Foreign movies. We always try to give at least a week or two notice for Frak Parties, especially foreign or more rare movies like the Classics. We also try to link to the Netflix or any service that streams the show or movie to make it a little easier. It’s all left up to the individual ultimately to chose how they view it. The frakkin’ is just a way to chat up and socialize while enjoying good content (usually).

We have frakked a lot of Studio Ghibli in the past and they are popular with GWCers. If you are in the mood you can always try one of the surprise Frak parties or send Badgerspoon or myself a PM and we can plan one and set it up.

Yes, it was often Badger and myself able to make the Frak parties. There are many more around here that are Otaku than can make the frak parties. Anime content is also soooo large that many have different favorites and there lies the beauty of GWC. If you post what you like chances are someone will check it out and get hooked.

Many Ghost in the Shell fans lurkin’ around. We haven’t done it yet so if we can chose a good time it would be a good candidate for the Frak party.

Presto. Anime forum created. :smiley: This thread will be the first to be moved over. Give us a day to move other content over. If you find additional threads please drop the link in here and a mod will take care of it.

As with other forums, we will treat this as organic. In order for it to succeed it will need to remain active. If activity dies down the threads will be redistributed and the forum closed.

Enjoy. Great idea guys. Thanks for suggesting.

Ok, looks like you’ve already Frakked the titles I mentioned except GitS.

How about Porco Rosso? The title and premise may seem outlandish, but the story has heart and nice visuals you’d expect in a Ghibli film.

I’d also like to suggest The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye. It’s one of my favorites and a series that’s woefully underrated imo. Also, it’s PG-13-ish imo.

I’m more inclined to suggest the underrated series or movies than the Trigun, Outlaw Star, Bebop, etc. The popular ones tend to get watched through word of mouth. I’m a champion of series like RahXephon, Genesis of Aquarion, Munto, etc.

I will suggest The Animatrix in conclusion. There are only a few short films that I liked in the collection, but (and I haven’t checked if you’ve frakked or podcasted Matrix) the Matrix connection would bring in interest.

Oh, wow. I was busy formatting my post. Thanks!

So, we’re leaving manga out? I thought it should be the Anime/Manga section since so many series and movies are based on manga. Battle Angel was based on a manga after all. Or, maybe a comment like Geek Hobbies and Whedonverse have?

Just suggestions! I’m happy that the sub-forum was made at all. Thanks again.

This is for the community my friend. I know ZERO about the subject (besides discovering apparently I do like Anime based on my love of Aeon Flux). Will change the name of the forum now and move in whatever threads you and others deem appropriate. I am but your humble servant. :smiley:

Probably best to throw Manga into here for the time being. Most Americans are a bit fuzzy on the distinction anyhoo…

Anime/Manga Section Discussion and FAQ

Woot! Thanks. ^^

Should I make a “FAQ suggestion” thread or is there already a pre-existing thread that would suffice?

If you like Aeon Flux, you should check out the Matriculated segment from The Animatrix, and The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury. Also, I’ve heard positive reviews about Reign: The Conqueror, but I’ve not seen that series. I have seen the others though.

Go for it. I’ll remove FAQ from the title of this thread. I am sure there are many who will want to help so look to your fellow GWCers for input and feedback!

Watching Animatrix and Riddick based on the discussions in GWC and enjoyed them. I hope you have have gone back and listened to the Matrix arc, it is awesome!

Please sticky FAQ Suggestion Thread? Thanks.

I haven’t listened to the Matrix podcast(s). I’ll try to catch them soon. Thanks.

Btw, the Riddick title I posted is animated. Did you see that one or were you thinking of the live action movie?

Both, but I knew you were talking about the Anime piece they made to bridge the two movies. :slight_smile:


BTW, I moved over a couple anime threads. I found several, but Solai beat me to it in all but a few cases. :slight_smile:


Last post was in May (July for Frak). Should I be worried? ^^

I think a lot of it got lost in the noise. There will probably be more activity now that it’s all in one place.

Oh, and welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

If only we had a questions only Anime/Manga thread. :rolleyes:

Perhaps fastcart is the one spoken of in the prophecy. The one to bring balance to the Anime forum.

Who would be killed dead if they started one?