A Game of Thrones (HBO)

Thought it’d be best to have a separate thread for HBO’s version of Thrones.

Meanwhile, take a look at the official and unofficial sites.

Ten minutes of GoT goodness from HBO. Nothing spoilery, unless you really want to have zero idea of the setup to the story going in (and in this case I’d recommend against that. It’s a really complicated world.)


ETA: Just realized that westeros.org has a gallery of screencaps of the above with annotations (when you click through individual pics.)

what if you’ve read the book but want to go into the show surprised???

also is this out now? I’m going to have to wait until dvd for it =/

If you’ve read the book this isn’t telling you anything you don’t know. If you still want to be surprised by the casting et al., avoid this thread.

I suspect the DVD will take a year-ish to come out. iTunes might get it to you in a matter of days/weeks. Torrents will likely take an hour or two.

How complicated is this world? I’ve never read the books, but am really looking forward to this show, and seeing HBO make a show with such a grand scale and what looks to be pretty darn epic. I wonder if it’ll be better to watch the show first or read the books first.

hbo has to stick pretty close to the story and has promised to do so due to the complexity of the tale and its many characters. while the show will certainly be designed so you don’t HAVE to be a fan, and reading the books will make certain differences stand out, i still recommend reading the books, because it is a complex world with many characters.

It’s pretty complex. There’s a lot of characters, and the story is told through multiple Points of View (which is going to make the adaptation interesting right there.) Martin apparently took inspiration from The Hundred Years War and the War of the Roses, which may give you an idea of the political complexity of the story.

I’d recommend reading the first book (The Game of Thrones.) It’s getting a full season, so more screen time than usual for an adaptation, but this is a long book and they’ll invariably have to change or drop things (some of the casting suggests that they did just this.)

I watched the preview in HD and it was soooooooooooooooo cool. But I want to know why Boromir is in it. Not Sean Bean mind you but Boromir

Thanks, Pike. I know what I’ll be doing this holiday!

Want to hear something not amusing? I totally thought it was Game of Thorns for the longest time before I realized it was thrones, not thorns. Duh.

Eddard Stark is not Boromir. But they have similar hairstyles and beards.

Just finished the script (likely a draft) for the first one, and it’s pretty damn good. No telling how that actually translates, but I continue to be hopeful.

If you’ve read the books, it’s a pretty spot-on take on events up to Bran’s… incident.

there is a 15-minute preview that HBO screened for the press at TCA this weekend and Maureen Ryan has covered it with follow-up interviews pretty exahustively. She’s been a big pusher of the show as it nears the APRIL 17TH premier date.


There is a GOF Twitter account that has been posting new pictures of all the cast in the past few weeks:


See, here’s my dilemma. I just discovered the book series, and I really don’t want to watch the show until I read the books. On the other hand, I just don’t have the time, and quite honestly, I really don’t want to miss out on the show.

Woe is me.

It doesn’t even start 'til mid-April. And the entire season is just book one, so you should be fine if you’re a few chapters into it by the time it starts.

There’s no such thing as reading for pleasure during the school year. At least not for me :frowning:

As long as you’re in school it certainly comes first. If you can watch the show I’d still recommend it, though. Due to the complexity and planning that GRRM put into the story, the show itself can’t deviate from the original source all that much. If you can stand to wait, bust those books out over the summer.

Life is funny sometimes.

I found the entire series in my school bookstore. Naturally, they are now in my possession and I really don’t have anything better to do. I WILL finish the first one before the show comes out.

I’m watching the new sky channel over here (sky atlantic the home of HBO) and they just showed a trailer for game of thrones it says coming spring 2011.

This channel shows in HD and comes in to my DVR.

MEans i won’t miss it if it’s on during the met up, happy days.
on the “currently watching episode one of Boardwalk Empire, I’m liking it” ID

If you haven’t looked at The Citadel over at westeros.org, you really should. Check out the page on Jon Snow’s parentage.