7.235 "Hide" - SPOILERS

plot synopsis from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hide_(Doctor_Who)

In 1974, Professor Alec Palmer and his assistant Emma Grayling collect photographic evidence of a ghost, known as the Witch of the Well, in the Caliburn mansion; Alec uses Emma’s strong psychic powers to create an emotional connection that appears to summon the ghost. They are surprised by the arrival of the Doctor and Clara, claiming to be from military intelligence. The Doctor shows interest in the investigation after Clara points out that the ghost appears in the same position within each photograph. As they investigate, Clara finds that Emma has feelings for Alec but which are seemingly not reciprocated; at the same time, Emma warns Clara about sensing “a sliver of ice” within the Doctor’s heart.

The Doctor and Clara find a location in the mansion which is noticeably colder than the rest of the house, and the group feels as if they are being watched. Suddenly, the house grows cold, and Clara feels something holding her hand; the two race back to where Alec and Emma are waiting to see Alec’s equipment activating on its own accord. A thin black disc materializes in front of them, and Emma senses something crying “help me” through her psychic abilities before the disc vanishes and the house returns to normal.

The Doctor takes Clara in the TARDIS to examine the specific spot at several points during the Earth’s history, and comes to the conclusion that there is a gateway to a pocket dimension there that is collapsing rapidly, and that someone - the person behind the ghost - is trapped within it. The Doctor asserts he cannot use the TARDIS as its energy would be drained as soon as it materialised, and instead helps to prepare a device to stimulate Emma’s psychic abilities to open the gateway. He further constructs a tethered vest and means to pull him back across once he crosses over.

When the Doctor crosses over, he finds himself in a forested area, a small bit of land floating in a void. He meets Hila Tukurian, a time traveller and the woman stuck in the pocket dimension, who warns him that something else is there, following them. They race to the gateway, seeing an echo of the Caliburn house appear in the pocket dimension and try to barricade themselves from the creature to give them time to return. The Doctor insists Hila go first, and though she is successfully saved, the gateway closes due to Emma’s exhaustion, leaving the Doctor trapped in the forest with the fast-moving creature. Drawn by the sound of the TARDIS’ cloister bell, Clara races to the TARDIS, finding it locked. She pleads with the device to let them save the Doctor, and the TARDIS lets her in. The TARDIS briefly appears in the pocket universe, flying close to the ground to allow the Doctor to jump and hang onto it before the creature can grab him. The Doctor and the TARDIS safely reappear in the normal world.

As the Doctor and Clara prepare to leave, the Doctor tells Emma the real reason he stopped at this point was to ask Emma if she could sense anything unusual about Clara, but Emma reveals that there is nothing strange, but does reveal that Clara is, “more scared than she lets on”. The Doctor offers Hila a lift to any other place in history, but as he discusses the matter with her he reveals that she is the future descendant of Emma, and the blood connection is what allowed Emma to open the gateway to rescue her. Further, he states that Hila is also the future descendant of Alec. Contemplating the bonds that love can create, the Doctor then realises that there is another entity within the Caliburn house. He implores Emma’s help one last time to rescue the creature from the pocket dimension and reunite it with its mate.


Many of you know my long time catchphrase is “It’s always a love story.”

Never has there been an episode of Who that more aptly fits that :wink:

I hate to say it but this one felt like diet moffatt, half the scare, none of the fright.

I can see what the writer was trying to do here and the central plot elements are good enough, but having watched it all I could think was "Steven would make it so much more scary.

There were enjoyable elements, they left the monster reveal to near the end, which is always good, your own imagination will alwaysd provide a far scarier experince than any CGI/model/makeup et al, nice twist also in revealing the monster wasn’t scary, it just wanted love, dawwww.

It reveals frustratingly little in terms of Clara and tbh, the best bit (for me) was preview for next week’s episode, we’ve not seen the inner bits of the TARDIS since ohh, possibly the Tom Baker days (I admit I whofaded around late colin baker, so sylvester McKoy may have explored her innards but I don’t recall much of it).

Nice to see the TARDIS personality there as well, it didn’t seem to like or trust Clara, perhaps it knows something we don’t?

Thus ends my rather scattergun thoughts on this week’s dr who, feel free to disagree/argue with me, 'tis the soul of debate after all.
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I’m going to call my reaction to this episode a net positive. Loved the time traveller caught in time and the entire sequence of the Doctor taking pictures that led to a great reveal. The interplay between the Professor and assistant was well played and Clara once again steps it up a notch in terms of character development. I am still a little unclear about the whole monster love story, which although was an interesting twist ultimately didn’t make much sense (was the female monster caught in the time traveller’s crash and got sucked into the pocket verse?) Any help on that end would be appreciated.

Clara continues to befuddle. Yes, the T.A.R.D.I.S. clearly doesn’t trust her, but it does ultimately open its doors and goes on a suicide run. Perhaps it realized Clara was telling the truth and relented…but it begs a bigger question of Clara. If she is here to destroy the Doctor she now has had another perfect chance to let him rot in a place he could never escape. This begs the question if she is part of a larger plan the question isn’t how will she destroy the Doctor, but what is needed of the Doctor? What will Clara have to influence him into doing in order to achieve the larger goal?

That my friends is the question.

Only real nit I have (besides Ghostbusters!) is if the assistant was receiving additional power in her gear directly from the T.A.R.D.I.S. once the T.A.R.D.I.S. left she shouldn’t be able to open the door again. Like I said, a nit.

Good ep.

Despite the holes and shortcoming folks have pointed out, I found this to be the most satisfying episode of this half of the season. Hopefully that can later be left in the dust by awesomeness, but so far I’ve been underwhelmed. I keep reminding myself that it took me a good long while to warm up to Amy (the Girl Who Waited? Facepalm) and I came to love her and Rory very much; so far, I just don’t like Clara. This episode helped a bit. This is the second time she’s gone to rescue the Doctor, so it seems that perhaps what it take to spur her to action is peril. I admire that she’s able to put aside her fear in those cases, even though it almost paralyzes her earlier in the episode.

Solai, I liked the monsters’ love story. Maybe the time traveler was hunting them. Maybe it was a complete BS stupid accident that can’t ever make sense but managed to nearly destroy both monsters’ lives for a few hundred years–sometimes that happens to people. And monsters. When the Doctor said, “every monster needs a companion,” some things maybe clicked for me as far as why the awkward flirting earlier. He’s a monster who needs his companion, and he has to relearn that every few years in new and painful ways. But he also meant lover. It’s been a long time since the Doctor saw his wife and he misses her. They were experiencing their relationship from opposite ends, which should indicate that she’s getting younger. Perhaps even approaching the point in her life when she doesn’t know the Doctor anymore/yet. That moment is coming and the Doctor knows it.

Okay everyone, I am going to throw out my thoughts on what Clara is impart because of Clara’s ability to fly the Tardis in this episode. From my recollection, only whose touched by the time vortex can pilot the Tardis; River Song, Doctor Donna, The Doctor, and now Clara. I have this deep feeling that Clara is the Doctor’s Daughter. Maybe its wishful thinking to see this story line come back around. But back when the Doctor’s daughter regenerated, she came back with the same appearance. So my wild idea is that on her regenerations since are the Clara “model” and she came back from Asylum of the Daleks and the Snowmen in this body. As to why she may not know she is a timelord, that I can not explain at this time.

Let me know if I am on an island with this theory or does anyone think I am not completely crazy.

Overall I enjoyed this episode, it had it’s cheestastic moments but there are times I really enjoy those in Who. But as to the Clara question, as pointed out by others the TARDIS doesnt trust her, but it’s becoming clear that neither does the Doctor, not really. It’s more than a little odd that she doesn’t have a key yet when one of the first things the Doctor did when he met governess Clara was to give her one. The Doctor’s Daugther? hmmm it seems a little far fetched, but the Doctor casually mentioning his granddaughter in Rings of Akhaten is interesting and the fact that Clara’s birthday is the 23rd of November. It can’t be a coincidence that her birthday is the same as the airing of the very first episode of Who, not with the 50th being this year, right?

This episode is my favorite so far in this second half of the series. Why? It was calm, it was simple. It had some scares, some touching moments and some head scratching ones too. I have mixed feelings about the “who is Clara?” arc. I’m not really sure I care. Perhaps its because I don’t care about her yet because she’s in so many forms. I just assume if she dies another one will pop up. Call me selfish, but I’d like to see the Dr and a companion just go out and have adventures.

I took my time with this one. I’ve watched it three times now. The third time I took the time to take notes as I watch. I rarely do that with TV shows.

I’m more and more convinced that there isn’t an ounce of wasted dialog in this series as I’ve pointed out since the premiere and the introduction of Clara as the companion.

Here are the notes that I took during the episode:

  • “Experience makes liars of us all”
  • What do you think she is? “Not what I’d thought she’d be” What did you think she’d be? “fun”
  • “Don’t trust him. There’s a sliver of ice in his heart”
  • I’ve got this weird feeling it’s looking at me. Doesn’t like me
    – The TARDIS is like a cat. A bit slow to trust. You’ll get there in the end.
  • Clara shakes off the umbrella in the TARDIS, insulting the TARDIS
  • Clara is bothered by witnessing the Earth birth to death
    – To you I am a ghost. WE must be nothing
    – “You are the only mystery worth solving”
  • Concept that everything ends but Love doesn’t end
  • Calls TARDIS “Grumpy old cow”
  • TARDIS Voice visual interface, Choses Clara’s image because it best meets the criterion of someone Clara esteems
  • Emma Grayling: Clara is just an ordinary girl
  • I’m so slow but I get there in the end
  • Every lonely monster needs a companion
  • Since then they’ve been yearning for each other (aka Rose)

I believe Professor Palmer’s comment of “Experience makes liars of us all” is not to be taken lightly. He was directly speaking of The Doctor. I’ve yet to figure out how it will manifest itself as the series starts to wrap up.

The Doctor’s comment about the ghost not being “fun” is directly applicable to Clara. It is the mystery of Clara that is not turning out to be “fun” to him. He’s spent a considerable amount of time with Clara up to this point with very little results to show for it.

Emma’s comment not to trust The Doctor actually ends up giving Clara more information about The Doctor than The Doctor gets about Clara in this episode.

The Doctor’s comment about the TARDIS getting there in the end is interesting. As is his later comment about being slow but getting there in the end. I think this is also to be taken in conjunction with the comment that love doesn’t end. Too many comments about “The end” in the same episode not to be taken lightly.

As outsiders, our view of The Doctor’s comment that “You are the only mystery worth solving” is, of course meant for Clara. But she thinks he is talking about all humans on Earth. It’s interesting that he puts his cards on the table with her, even though it is veiled information.

I think it is interesting to point out that the TARDIS choosing Clara’s image because it best meets the criterion of someone Clara holds in esteem is important, and not just pointing out that Clara is conceited. Far from it. Clara hasn’t shared any information to warrant holding anyone else in esteem. Choosing Clara’s image is to point out once again that we know nothing about Clara, her likes, dislikes and the such.

I agree that the comment about every lonely monster needing a companion is pointed right back at The Doctor. It’s really him that he ends up describing, whether intentional or not. But the fact that the two have been yearning for each other but having been separated has to be a reference to Rose.

I really can’t wait for all of this to unfold. It is a wonderful presentation that’s being shown to us. I’m enjoying watching it happen.

One other thing, I know most people have really enjoyed Hide as the best episode of the series so far. I still stand by The Rings of Akhaten. I loved that episode and always will. Hide was good but from my perspective The Rings of Akhaten is on a very different and higher level. But that’s just my opinion.

~Shooter Out

Best episode in a long time. What I loved:
Simplicity. I don’t need dinosaurs on a spaceship or Ice Warrior in a submarine. Give me good story. Guest actors used well.

The contrast of the two couples: Professor and his assistant vs the Doctor and Clara. Serious vs snarky. Trust vs deceit. Love vs what?

Ghost story turns to sci-fi. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared. OH! Time-traveller in a collapsing pocket universe. Neat.

The Professor explaining to The Doctor what death has done to him. Excellent moment. “I sent young men and women to their deaths but here I am, still alive. And well it does tend to haunt you.” Then Clara confronting the Doctor with the notion of what the death of people around him means. She says, “To you, I’m a ghost. We’re all ghosts to you.” All ghosts that haunt him? IDK, still thinking about that. I think there’s lots of great subtext in this ep.

Clara and the TARDIS. I loved Clara fighting with the TARDIS interface of herself. Maybe pointing out that they’re not so different? Or a clue to what Clara is? As soon as the second Clara popped up it made me consider that she was a clone.

The little twists at the end. Although I don’t think they were all explained well enough I appreciated them- 1. The Doctor was actually there for Emma’s empathic take on Clara. 2. Hila’s ancestory. 3. The monster love story.

Good line:
“He’s a liar. But that’s often the way that it is when someone’s seen a thing or two. Experience makes liars of us all.”

Maybe since Rose has the non-timelord 10th Doctor by her side in the “other” dimension, I am not sure she is yearning for the Doctor.
This yearning for companionship could be the loss of his family (in-laws) that he had finally found in Amy & Rory and the pain that he can never be with them again.

Whoa. Have I missed this all these years? Health And Safety in Doctor Who is code for British Military Intelligence? Whoa.

I definitely agree. Even the episodes that are not my favorite are drawing me in. That’s just good television right there!

That’s a good point regarding any “Evil” (Big E “Evil”) and sinister plot regarding Clara. She’s definitely had her opportunities so far. Maybe we’re missing something big like she’s been sent by Rose’s Doctor and Rose or Amy and Rory to help him combat The Great Intelligence? I’m sure there’s a million other possibilities. Those are just two that come to mind.

Believe it or not I’m so wrapped up in figuring out Clara that your little nit (a big plot hole if you ask me) completely escaped me during my first watch through. I read your post and clearly picked it out the second time. Bravo, sir.

Thanks for posting your thoughts!

~Shooter Out

Well stated! I, too, picked up on the double entendre of “every monster needs a companion.” But what I didn’t realize was the bit you stated about The Doctor’s wife. It’s the final remaining bit of Amy and Rory we have. It will be very very sad to see her go.

I’m also wondering if we will ever get around to the subject of The Doctor’s granddaughter again. Especially since The Doctor brought her up again in the Rings Of Akhaten. Will he have a physical child with River? Or is The Doctor’s daughter (separate issue from River) going to be responsible for the granddaughter? Things that make me go Hmmmmm.

Thanks for posting your thoughts!

~Shooter Out

Didn’t Amy Pond fly the TARDIS at one point or was it always River and The Doctor?

I guess Clara could be one of those people-robot-suits from earlier in Matt Smith’s days. Or she could be sent by Amy/Rory or The Doctor/Rose or from River. As I said before, a million possibilities and not all “Evil” and bad as far as Clara goes.

In fact, since Emma stated that she was just an ordinary clever yet more scared than she lets on plus Solai’s observation that Clara has had ample time to do grave harm and damage to The Doctor I’ll have to back down on my Clara is Evil line of thinking.

I’ll still be keeping a close eye on her.

Thanks for posting your thoughts!

~Shooter Out

Oooooo! Delightful! How did we find out that Clara’s birthday is November 23rd?

And I’m not entirely sure The Doctor doesn’t trust her. Or at least that The Doctor can’t trust Clara. Clara is a mystery to him. “The only mystery worth solving.” I’m not sure being a mystery and not trusting are one in the same.

I’ve been thinking about that point. When we were shown the astronaut coming out of the lake int he beginning of series 6 I was the same mindset as you are now with the second half of series 7. I didn’t care about any bigger plot. I just enjoyed it week to week. And I began to wonder if anyone could enjoy the second half of series 7 week to week as well. So far I think the production team has done a decent job of that. The “monster of the week” episodes have largely been pulled off and any reference to a larger plot that’s relevant to the story is given ample exposition so you don’t feel lost.

But then again I have fallen into what-the-heck-is-Clara well so deeply that I couldn’t get out now if I tried. Perhaps that is skewing my judgement.

~Shooter Out

I definitely agree. Although I think there’s been a tremendous amount of subtext this entire season. But then again perhaps I’m reading too much into it.

There was time travel involved. Both with Hila and with the Doctor’s time-lapse photography bit. Plus a monster. Just sayin’.

My theory is that The Doctor has been very deliberate with Clara so far this entire season. The Rings of Akhaten was so that he could watch her and see what was of value and important to her. The Cold War was to see what Clara would do “Under Pressure” and, in my opinion, to test out the TARDIS’ defense mechanisms. Hide was to check her out psychically. There is definitely purpose to The Doctor this series.

I’ll bet you a quarter we hear that line again and/or it becomes important again by the end of the series/the 50th episode special in November.

Thanks for posting your thoughts!

~Shooter Out

Or for River. But yes, point well taken. Methinks I’ve been on the complete wrong path with Clara so far. But we’ll see next week!

You’re completely crazy, but that is why you fit in.

Driving the T.A.R.D.I.S…you know it is an interesting question, how did Clara drive it? I’ll ask another deeper question: does anyone really drive the T.A.R.D.I.S.? I would think the T.A.R.D.I.S. drives itself and doesn’t need someone to ‘drive’. May need to call in the big guns and start a seperate thread. Please reply to the question there.