5 Reasons it Sucks Being a Joss Whedon fan

Read at your own risk…it isn’t pretty.

Sheesh! Had merit at the beginning, when it looked like it might have been less hatey. But then it lost me.


All I can say is, “Wow…”

I started agreeing with it, especially the killing of wash and so called “feminism”, i mean really, Inara’s a whore, respectable a whore or not, that is far from feminism. But then it started getting pretty hateful.

Oh, I don’t know if it was hateful. Those Cracked guys seem to be big Whedon fans too. But you have to admit, we geeks can be pretty blindly passionate in our fandoms, whatever they are.


Whedonites assemble! We march on cracked.com headquarters! Show 'em no gorram quarter! HUZZAH! :eek:

Now, now, put down the pitchforks or you’ll put someone’s eye out. Er, sorry, Xander.

I think there are extremist fans in any genre that can annoy the general public. I know Browncoats can be especially evangelical in spreading the word (which is totally fine for them but it’s not my style), and I’ve been harassed more than once for not particularly liking Dollhouse. Last time I checked, I’m still entitled to my own opinion and I’m not required to absolutely love everything he creates. Fans just need to repeat to themselves that “it’s just a show, I should really just relax.”

I thought it unfair to Eliza (who is much better than the first half of S1 allowed her to be) but a lot of it is spot on.

Especially Wash. Especially.

When I saw the title of the thread, I assumed the list would just be the names of the first five Dollhouse episodes, and that a followup list was on the way…

re: the feminism comment - welcome to the world of feminism circa the 2000s. I don’t always agree with Joss’s take on things, but I can certainly see what he’s trying to do and how it might (or not) fit into a feminist project, which is much more than I can say for a lot of shows on TV.

And I have to agree with Topgun - it’s just hatey at the end. It’s fine to dislike things, but wow.

Whedon does have a lot more hooker character than the average scifi… but I dont think just because Whedon writes about it means anything. It’s not like he tries to glorify it. Even in Firefly’s case, Inara might act alright with being a Companion, but when Mal of all people goes out and calls her a whore she gets very angry and defensive. It’s exploring more than anything else, and I don’t get the impression that Whedon write particularly anti-feminism stuff.

Fatboy’s got some real issues there.

I learned a long time ago that it’s important to seperate “The Show” from its creators and actors. It’s also important to seperate your love of “The Show” from its fanbase.

It’s entertainment. It’s fake. It is meant to create an emotional response that resonants with you. People tend to get possessive about that and very protective.

Fatboy’s afraid of being associated with a group of people he despises because of their ferocious loyalty and a creator who he thinks doesn’t own up to criticsm or failure.

I say tough shite, buddy. Your opinion is duly noted and filed under “Who cares?” I’m no Whedon whore but Fatboy’s got a chip on his shoulder and I just felt like knocking it off. You can still like or dislike what Whedon does and whatever someone thinks of you is not important. Do you know how many times I mentioned my love of Trek only to get the response of someone rolling their eyes. “Oh, you’re one of them.” No moron, I’m not one of them. It’s just plain prejudice. Get used to it, Fatboy! It’s been around since the first Amoeba saw another in microbial cyst and thot, “Lazy bastard!”

No she’s not. Sorry. “Actress” pretty much defines Eliza Dushku as far as I can tell. :stuck_out_tongue:

And Wash: hey, it’s great storytelling. At that point in the story the audience needs to believe that EVERYONE is in danger. Killing off the most likeable guy? Well, that just sells that even more (it’s what George Lucas should’ve done with Han Solo…or SOMEONE).
…but it’s still a douche move. Miss you, Wash!

i thought that someone is called Obi wan

I was thinking of Return of the Jedi. At one point, Lawrence Kasdan considered killing off Han Solo.

I thot they were just gonna blow up the Falcon, with Lando and mumble-mouth.

All I know is that a few months ago there were a series of polls, one a day, that was essentially a multi bracket geek deathmatch (I saw them on io9 but they originated from sdomewhere else)

Anyway, the minute River entered the polls, Browncoats flooded the polls every day after. You can guess what happened.

River defeated Cameron
River defeated Capt. Kirk
River defeated the muthaf*****g Batman

And the fun was sucked out of the proverbial room. So yeah, I have a bit of a thing against the more evangelical Whedon fans, but at the same time I can’t begrudge them their own enjoyment of anything.

River is the new Chuck Connor?

Yeah, that too. Maybe it was Harrison Ford that wanted to kill Han off…

River defeated the muthaf*****g Batman

Oh. My. GODS! Someone, hurry, get Chris Nolan on the phone. I think we have a casting idea for Catwoman in the next Batman film.

(I’m not kidding, that could actually work…)