#363: 2013 GWC International Meetup LIVE


We run down the week in geek, and most importantly we take you into the heart of the 2013 GWC International Meetup with a podcast recorded in front of a live meetup attendee audience. Enjoy!

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Listening to the cast transported me right back to Texas. Thank you again everyone for making it a tremendous experience.


Audra’s bit about Minos’ wife and the cow-costume gave the old expression ‘gonna grab me some tail’ a whole new spin…

I have grabbed a lot of tail over the years, but never did said tail ever actually have a tail. Nor have I ever had to move a tail out of the way so I could ‘get to work’. (No offense to Furries, just have not gone there yet)
And if you were to say, “Hey, she looks horny.” I guess you would be literally correct. Anyways it was entertaining, educational, and moo-ving.

OK, I have milked this enough. Bye. :slight_smile:


For the record, Audra was right. Falcor is pink(ish)



From wikipedia here’s the description from the book: “Falkor has an elongated, winged body with rudimentary paws and pink scales and hairs on the length of his body that appear white in dull light. He seems to like children based on what he says in the first movie. The form of his head is described less precisely, though his eyes are mentioned as being the colour of rubies.”
Based on the book description, Falkor would be an albino luckdragon and would appear only pinkish due to the skin/scale pigmentation showing through the transparent fur. :smiley:


No one voted for Kirk. No. One.

Dang, I’ve been gone too long.


Haven’t listened to the pod yet …but this quote is disconcerting. :confused:



There is no Captain but James T Kirk and frakkintalos is his Prophet.


I am speechless, and horrified. Kirk is the captain. I don’t understand.




I learned from this podcast to never marry a man who pisses off a Greek god.


Did somebody say West Virginia?! Haven’t finished the podcast yet, but wanted to mention that my beloved state of origin was also home to the Rocket Boys, Homer Hickam and his friends (portrayed in the movie “October Sky”), and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank. So, we’ve got some space stuff going on.

Also, Audra’s question about how we decide which animal gets which role in our lives reminds me of an interview I heard with historian Joyce Salisbury, author of “The Beast Within: Animals in the Middle Ages.” This is a history of how medieval Europeans thought of animals and tried to figure out if they had souls, if they should be put on trial, and when it was ok to eat them. Spoiler alert: if an animal had possibly eaten human remains, it was cannibalism to eat the chicken and therefore a bigtime sin.


This books sounds awesome. Perhaps I will add it to the summer reading list:


It was so fun to listen to the last 2 podcasts. Even though I did not attend the meet-up, I felt a part of it. Thanks for that.

Is #363 that lastest podcast? Do I miss something?


On Modern Geek they’ve been talking about some problems with the podcast rig. I’m guessing that’s causing problems with the main cast.


Many thanks Starsaber
I’m not quite caught up with Modern Geek , so thanks for the info.


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I was wondering what was up with the GWC podcast as well! I miss it… :frowning:


I was wondering about that too. I didn’t see anything on the website, but I do remember Juan and Chuck saying on Modern Geek that the podcasting rig was having issues and is due for a rebuild. Maybe it finally died all together? Hope they come back soon though!


I do look forward to the weekly cast. They do a great job doing the cast every week. I guess after a while you take if for granted that it will be there. They are also busy people with there own lives so maybe they just needed a break? I’m sure they’ll be back geeking it up sooner or later!