2012 Int'l Meetup: March 16-18, 2012

I’ll come back and edit later to add additional information, but the dates are official as is the location (same as last year).

Check back soon for more.

JUANEDIT: Check out http://meetup2012.galacticwatercooler.com/ for more information, and to RSVP!

BADGEREDIT: Hotel & Reservation Info (Thanks, Topgun!)

WOOT! Can’t wait. I actually get to come this year.

Dammit! I can’t make this one, either! Chuck! Make it in December!

shakes tiny fist


I am 90% certain I can make this one. Besides, a bunch of us Twitter addicts are going to Indian food.

Effin’ A! Should be there; a first time :slight_smile:

Well can’t make it, one day I will. But if you have a twitter feed then I’ll probably be around. Also if there is something on the saturday in terms of live feed, then hopefully I will make it, I am looking forward to that weekend.

Yea! I’ll be asking for the vacation days on Monday! Don’t think it will be a problem. :smiley:

How about an International Meetup in Germany?? :smiley:

Done! I’ll host at my place!


Would be at least 70 % less expensive for me. lol

Great news! I can’t wait to see everybody again life-sized (you all seem so tiny on the iPad Google+ Meetups.) :smiley:

Thanks are in order to the GWC Crue for once again doing all the recon, legwork, and no doubt lots of haggling to make this happen.

Thanks, Crue!

Yay! Hoping to make this one!

Someone bring Rock Band! :wink:

Well, flight is all taken care of, so when Sean can append the thread here with the venue’s details, I’ve already transferred the necessary moneys (ALL the moneys!) into a shoebox to book the room. And boozahol. And noms. And tattoos. And…

Again, if folks want to lock in their accommodations, but don’t have the funds up front to ensure them, PM/email/tweet me, because I’m okay with booking a few rooms, and people can get the funds back to me when it’s easier for them. (Especially around the howly-days…)

Don’t need to pay upfront for hotel.

You certain? Not even a credit card for the hold deposit? That’s unusual…

Aloft wants a card number to hold the room but they didn’t charge a deposit to do so this year or last. :wink:

What barb said. I appreciate the offer though Keir. Above and beyond

Ooph … timing is not good for me. St. Paddy’s has a bit of a ritualin my former life. I’ll be there in spirit so to speak.

Hope you all have a grand old time though. Play nice :slight_smile:

P.S. If I had some party favors to send you, how would I go about such a thing?

Sort of Related Music Video.


off to bed with me. Ice time at 7:30 … got to keep 'em separated.


I realized how literally life changing it was to go last year when I said to S that I would rather take no vacation days after our wedding than not go to the meetup, if I can’t have time off for both. I’ll be there.

One of the (my) high points of last year was watching your smile light up the room. So happy you’re making it two in a row. :smiley: