Your favorite Commentary! song?

Your favorite Commentary! song?

Felicia’s “The Art” just barely gets my nod over “Moist,” which really grows on ya.

Ninja Ropes duh

Ninja Ropes gets my nod for favorite as well, with Steve’s Song, $10 solo and Heart Broken tying for second.

Better (than Neil) FTFW!

this needs to be a multiple choice poll. too hard to choose!!!

Better than Neil —I agree with Pike
and you know how that makes me crazy

I’ve called Guinness but they aren’t answering. Will get back to you.

How did I never notice that the Guinness Book of World Records and Guinness Beer are spelled exactly the same. I suspect treachery.

Blame it on what you will.

“Except for the Pope Car/I lied about that/Look a Neil macking/So sad, he’s so lacking.”

Jeesus Tap-Dancing Christ!! Those are my fav lines from the song too!!
Stop it, you’re a-freaking me out!


But, I had to go with Zack’s Rap, since Better Than Neil was already leading, and I love them both equally, with Moist and Ninja Ropes VERRRRRY close behind…

So, old poll, but what the hey, I’m new.

I went with “Nobody’s Asian In The Movies” as my favorite. It’s catchy and funny as hell. And I have a thing for Maurissa. But given more options to vote for, I’d have added (in order):

Better Than Neil
All About Me
Ten Dollar Solo
Heart, Broken
The Art

And yeah, given the opportunity I’d vote for half the songs. But I’m OK with that, because CTM is such a fun experience.

Oh, odd. Strike! is one of my least favorites, but Better Than Neil is my ab-fab.

Anyone who’ll take the time to find the Commentary! poll and respond is more than welcome here. Greetings, sir.

Had to throw my support in with Better than Neil. Pure OSSIM.

I went with Better Than Neil. Nathan’s just too frakkin funny. Really close second: Neil’s Turn.