Writing Accountability Group

Hi friends-

It’s time for me to get my act together and revise my novel-again- in prep for my last bit of coursework in my writing program. I have until January to add at least 25,000 words to my 58,000 novel to bring it where it needs to be. That sounds like a long time, but in reality with work, life and the millions of distractions I seem drawn to, that’s a perfect amount of time if I use it well.

I’m proposing a group here to help encourage each other to set (the easy part) and keep (the hard part for me) weekly writing goals. My thought is this- Sunday evenings we set our goal- post it. Everyone try and check in at least once to encourage, vent or whatever, and the recap on the next Sunday with new goals.

My thought is to have community and accountability in a positive way- focus on your creative needs. Anyone interested?

Count. Me. In.

Use this thread? or some other form of nudgery?

This is a great idea! I’ve got a writing accountability group through work and it’s fabulous - otherwise I’d join you guys!

“…even at my lowest time I can feel the words bubbling inside of me,
and I had to get the words down or be overcome by something
worse than death. Words not as precious things but as necessary things.
Yet when I begin to doubt my ability to work the word, I simply read another writer
and I know that I have nothing to worry about …” Charles Bukowski

Factotum (2005) – Netflix Instant Watch --Time Cue 34:45 --Lili Taylor & Matt Dillon ( best 3 minutes one shot in movie history)


A question - are you a :

Type A writer - writes free-form, stream of consciousness style. Creates structure as you go along.


Type B writer - structure everything to death, even writing a compleat story bible before committing a word to the story proper.

Type C writer - a bit of both. Works the middleground.

I see this assignment group more for Type A writers; but I’m interested to see how would group work for Types B & C writers?

Sorry I’ve been away on this.This isn’t an assignment group. Each person sets their own words count/writing schedule for he week, it’s more about getting it done vs. how you get it done.

Sorry I dropped the ball folks- things got crazy at work. How about we start this Sunday- everyone state their goal for the week- word count- time spent writing- finishing a chapter, whatever you want or need. Then we can encourage each ot. her through the week. If this works out well, we can move it to a Google group or something.

I’m fine with sticking this group here though - this forum needs to see some action! :slight_smile:

Hello? Is this thing on? Hi, it’s me, Glimfeather, aka: Stroogie. Long time, no post.

I’m writing a fantasy novel that I plan to publish serially to Kindle, and I just popped by the ol’ forums to see if there was anyone interested in reading and giving feedback. And here’s this thread! I tend to write scene-by-scene, rather than by word or page count, but I could certainly set some goals every week to keep me going. I really want to see the first part of this book done before the start of summer. What are the rest of ya’ll working on?

Hi Glim!

I still think of that “shake ya tail feather” music video you did… Heheh

I swear by Smashwords … You could publish your works there and check out other unsigned writers.

As an OCD type planner, I’d recommend you write a beat sheet for each scene so there’s some kind of cohesion structurally when you step back and look at it as a work … As “text” as Chuck would say.

For me, I have a bunch of stories percolating in my head - that BSG “side-quel” I promised years ago; a Rom-com, a Christmas story, and - I kid you not - 3 Little pigs (in the style of RDM).

I’ve just bought a copy of Scrivener, and the 3 little pigs story is more for writing practice (woodshedding my story-writing Kungfu), as well as to practice writing on Scrivener itself.

Love the idea, but weekly doesn’t work for my. And yes, I’d love to preview-read anything anybody wants to put in front of me… I could use the practice, actually.

One of the reasons I’m not good with weekly is that I went back to school. Long story short, I’m taking 12 credit hours this summer, and 18 each Fall and Spring, in order to graduate (associates) in time. Plus, I picked up a job as the associate editor for the school newspaper (the reason I could use the practice)

as for type of writer… I think we all have times when we are a little bit of all four (the fourth being “eh… it can wait…” and forget to restart until someone sends a polite reminder knocking at the door and flexing his oversized muscles, while small elephants run in terror.)

Just a random thought/ flash of inspirational pep talk here : the elephant in the room is, for me, the reason to tell the story - to tread paths and uncover things which were left unsaid before.