worst CG in the history of the BSG universe was tonite!

The scene in the Bucs stadium looked like crappy cg from Alien 3. It was almost funny if it weren’t sad. We kept waiting for him to turn it off… like it was a projection… sorry, the B-team that that animated that scene dropped the frakin ball!

I wasn’t wild about the HK-like aircraft chasing the van either. Too video-gamey. Guess they blew the budget earlier in the season…

Well I cant blame them.
Its not like BSG where they can recycle the same shots.

But they could have just went to a normal collisum and just decorated it… beter than the cg for sure… and has to be cheaper than cg

All the coliseums were being used for the winter Olympics at the time.

Anyway, it is always seems to be more difficult making real world environments as convincing as space based fantastical environments. Also David Eicks podcasts have mentioned that their budget is significantly less than BSGs. Anyway, the special effects didn’t really pull me out of the story…

i think their mistake is deciding to lite the entire stadium. they should have kept most of it dark. it would hide a lot of the flaws, and creates the feeling of the empty stadium with only the owner in it. almost all sports movies have that shot. empty stadium at night with only the main character in it reflecting. they even have those in basketball movies when most of the indoor stadium is dark and unlite.

they could have pulled it off even with a smal budget… but rendering the whole stadium as fully lite was not the right choice.

In CGI, just as in love, sometimes you have to lie to yourself and them to keep the relationship going.

you should have told that to Daniel…

This was all filmed back in the spring and summer