Woman on the Edge of Time, Marge Piercy

You can see the amazon page here, Woman on the Edge of Time is a classic of utopian speculative fiction, published 1976.

It’s been on my “I’d like to read it” list for awhile now :slight_smile:


pretty intriguing

I have to admit, having done some work on utopian vs. anti-utopian vs. dystopian fiction, I really like her way of thinking about it (at least, as presented in the io9 piece).

I read this a long time ago. I wonder if it will feel dated.

I read this recently and loved it. I know some people say it’s dated but I didn’t get that at all. If I think about it it’s kinda sad that the egalitarian utopia of 1976 is still very attractive to me in 2013, and that I don’t see that we’ve moved in that direction. But I heartily recommend it, the first 100 pages or so were a bit slow but once I got through that I zipped along.