Why don't people use tasers?

We’ve seen a Terminator taken down with an electric shock in film and in TSCC. Even though this only disables the Terminator for 120 seconds, but it seems a lot more effective than shooting at them with pistols or shotguns.

So… why not simply get a taser for protection instead. If you are lucky you can extract the chip. If you are not that lucky, at least you get an 2 minute head start to haul sorry-barb.

I think most of the time the electricity involved is significantly higher than what a taser puts out.

I would not want to get that close to a Terminator. I’ll take the Cameron-as-bodyguard approach. She can take care of my body anyday.

LOL, wouldn’t that be cool.


saw this video on wireless long rage taser from a shot gun…

Well I would think that they were grounded that or they feed on it and they just pretend it hurts them

Have you watched the show, Veronica Mars ? She uses a taser for protection. :cool:

I have seen a few episodes, especially those when she said frak.

it was an interesting show, too bad she got killed by Sylar at the end (oops, wrong show)

I looked around on google.

Appliance in water gives out 0.25 Amps, enough to kill someone.

A taser generally gives out 0.002 to 0.03 Amps, indeed a lot less than appliances in water… and does not give out a constant current flow. But all they need is to give the taser a bigger capacitor to bring it up to 0.25 amps, and it could bring down a terminator… (for 120 seconds)

A heart defibrillator gives out 50 Amps in a short burst. To achieve that kind of current through human body resistance, 5000 volts is needed. That’s why they have to wait for it to charge…

There’s an episode of Reaper where the guy kills a bunch of demons (special power = violence) using a taser on a wet floor