Who would you look like in V-World?

When Lab boy realizes his only online friend looks like Zoe Graystone (that’s cuz she is genius), “Rachel” says she thot it would keep away the freaks and pervs. She was surprised to learn. It didn’t. (That’s why they’re pervs, sweetie. Kidz today.)

Since it’s established that you can look like anyone you wish, I was surprised to see a tech-head like Lab boy didn’t make himself appear different (given that might confuse the audience, yeah right!). Joe Adama wouldn’t look different cuz he’s a n00b. Given time and skillz you could make your avatar look like anyone.

So, who would you look like in V-World?

I’ll go first. Hmmmm, who would I look like in V-World? You guessed it. Frank Stallone. (All you Norm MacDonald fans will get that.) Seriously though, I would stick being a bunny, a 'talosbunny. But I’d probably mix it up. I’d toggle between ripped-shirt James T Kirk, Tyler Durden, and the Schlonganator. That’s right! How frakkin cool would it be to walk around the dating scene as nekkid Arnie!?! And yes, I’m keeping the accent.

“Your clothes. Give them to me.” Best. Pickup line. EVAH!

I’d get a ‘Ken’ or whatever the cheapo default avatar was so I could be anonymous.

I’d look like me, but 3 inches taller, and with no stubble.

A eunuch? Or just emasculated?

Me minus fifty pounds.

George Clooney, just like in real life. :smiley:

I think I’d look like me, maybe 3 inches taller, but with a kick-ass wardrobe. Except I don’t know what would make up a kick-ass wardrobe. Which is one of the reasons I don’t have one now…:rolleyes:

Ok, changing my answer. I’d look scruffy, like a hobo. Everyone else is going to make themselves look like rock stars and skinny athletes, so why not do something different?

Most women do not understand the true power they hold over men. I swear, if I wear a hot blonde with big boobs, I could take over the world!

I’d have a hard time choosing between looking like:

Kris Kristofferson from blade
Antonio Banderas from Desperado
and Jafar from Aladdin

Perhaps I can find a way to mix those…

If you wear a hot blonde with big boobs…wouldn’t that make it hard to get round to take over the world. :smiley:

wait…youre not??? :smiley:

If I gotta be an avatar who might get shot at…

:):slight_smile: i would look like me but shorter and with ninja skills :):slight_smile:

I’d look like Zoe in her browncoat and packing her rifle.
Oh yah.

I’d like to look like Tahmoh Penikett, and then I’d just spend my time in the VWorld nekkid and seriously checking myself out in a mirror. Among, um, other things.

Hm. I bet I’d be one of those people who’d change their avatars all the time. The possibilities!