Whedonverse video

just saw an cool vid of one of my favorite TV couples of all time… and thought we should have thread for all of the millions of whedonverse fanvids.

yeah i was and am a proud supporter of Spuffy, sorry but i liked angel on his own tv show just not with Buffy felt overdone.


well this one just made me smile…


well this one was just well done bring back the pain. and drama that defined my youth.


This is a great video. Are you a Vidder yourself?

tried a few times with not so good results havent given up but until i reach a certain level i just troll youtube for what i like and try to spread the cool stuff i find by more talented folks

combining two of greatest things, flogging molly and whedon


Never give up. You might want to check out BAM vidding vault. Its free to join for viewers. Many of the top vidders are there and help each other out all the time. Youtube is not very kind to Vidders.

but anytime i hear about Joss…I think of…



All glory to JOSS!

Heh. I totally sympathize with the narrator and his GF’s Angel obsession. The GF is all about The Tudors, and while I like to call it “Henry the 90210” it’s pretty entertaining.

for my favouite character


and my second favourite


a nice little tribute to an awesome uncompromising hot badass villain, in business suit


little late but still awesome