Whedon reference on NCIS

Just thought I’d share. We’re watching NCIS tonight and Gibbs is looking up about the bitch lawyer that’s been tailing him. The law firm she works for was Wolfram, Hart and Donowitz.

Someone must be a fan. :slight_smile:

Did the season resume already, or is this a repeat? More to the point I guess: whats the name of the episode so I can watch and geek out all over it? :smiley:

Yep, it was a new one! Called Flesh and Blood I believe. It’s on cbs.com to watch. Apparently its the 149th ep, since next week is a 150th celebration. woot! :slight_smile:

Sounds great, definitely going to check it out. Been loving NCIS the past 2 seasons, looking forward to the back catalog.

hi all,

i just finished an NCIS marathon on Fox channel over here (No, i didn’t watch every episode - it’s a sunday & there were family things to do) & i watched most of it.

I was quite tickled the Bellasario (the dude who gave us Magnum PI back in the 80’s) is the writer/producer behind this. It’s obvious that he’s trying to stay relevant, and I must give props to the guy for mastering the art of the character arc. The reason anyone who has watched CSI, and all the other cop shows, and would want to continue watching NCIS would be the character interactions; the group dynamics within the team. It’s like Gilmore Girls for Alpha males (sic).

anyway, so i was enjoying the marathon, down to the mid-season 2 finale.

I loved the gag where Michael Weatherly’s character just survived the plague, and volunteered to come back to work early (he cut his medical leave) just to get continually crapped on by all the characters (and even Bellasario has him tripping on himself and surviving car bombs)

[spoiler]omg! the dude (Bellasario) went RDM on me and had Kate killed. By a sniper round. From an al qaeda operative. That was stone cold! This rocks! I loved that character![/spoiler]